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The ability to recite portions of ancient texts from memory does not make David Lane a moral man

David Lane of American Renewal Project has penned “Boy Scouts -From “morally straight” to “trangendered.” Lane gets around to claiming that gay people are immoral too. Ultimately Lane is claiming that all LGBT people are immoral.

Mr. Lane is a willing participant in a three-party conspiracy to commit tax fraud as a means of financing his enterprise. How dare David Lane lecture us about morality?

David Lane is a shadowy figure who is trying to effect a Christian theocracy in the United States which is in direct contravention to the Constitution. Were Lane successful, the United States would look something like Iran except that the mullahs would be evangelical Christians.

David Lane subscribes to the idea of Christian supremacy. Taken to its logical conclusion all other religious adherents are inferior to him. Lane would like to impose his self-important superiority on everyone else through force of public policy. That is un-American and unconstitutional. It demonstrates an egotistical lack of integrity.

Mr. Lane provides a history of the Boy Scouts of America. It serves as a base for Lane to lecture us about morality. It is a work of arrogance.

It is also a work of selective observation. Some history that Lane doesn’t mention: In 1954 the Supreme Court desegregated American schools with its ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. However, the Boy Scouts of America had racially segregated units until it was sued by the NAACP in 1974.

By 1974 most of the Boy Scouts’ segregated units had Mormon sponsors. African-Americans were barred because of their particular flavor of religion. They were no more correct than Baptists seeking to exclude LGBT boys from participation.

The Boy Scouts have progressed as society has progressed. According to Lane, however, social progress is an evil. Lane goes on to quote Focus on the Family founder James Dobson:

“The National Education Association announced … every classroom of every school of every year is being taught homosexual propaganda.

So they’re teaching them that bisexuality is normal and that homosexuality and heterosexuality are morally equivalent …

Of course, Christians can’t come in and counter that …

Can you imagine these children, 5-years old, sitting in a circle around the teacher who’s telling them about adult perverse behavior? And we’re not concerned about that? …

42 percent of the fourth-grade boys in this entire country can’t read, and yet, we’re going to teach them that? …”

What is this so-called propaganda that had Dobson so exercised? Refuting Christian lies about gay people? Lane certainly believes that gay people are immoral because of texts written thousands of years ago. Does he actually believe that five-year-olds are being corrupted? He probably does.

Lane is repeating hyperbole. The very immoral David Lane is presumed to subscribe to Dobson’s bigotry.

Also, at around that time (2002) it was almost routine for kids to beat the crap out of gay kids as a means of “curing” them. I wonder where that idea came from. Parents perhaps? Ignorant conservative Christian parents perhaps? How much violence has Mr. Lane personally inspired? Dobson? Religious beliefs do not make people moral.

Later on:

In 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th U.S. President and honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts of America.

Headlines ran: “Obama: Boy Scouts should allow gays” (USA Today); Obama: “Yes,” Boy Scouts should allow gay members ( CBS News); President Obama: Boy Scouts should let in gay members (Washington Post).

At the same time, organized pressure began to be applied for the Boy Scouts to embrace the gay agenda.

Right. Blame Obama. Nice try. Kids should not be formally excluded from an organization because some form of religion disapproves of them for reasons that make no sense.

Faced with declining membership and revenues, talk circulated that more money would come in if the Boy Scouts abandoned its century old definition of “morally straight” and allowed entrance of those engaging in homosexual behavior.

Talk circulated among whom exactly? Once again a very  judgmental David Lane is claiming that gay people are immoral.

After an orchestrated campaign, with heated public debate, the 1,400 voting members narrowly passed the change to allow gay scouts on May 23, 2013, leaving many volunteer leaders feeling betrayed.

An “orchestrated campaign” means advocacy that Lane does not approve of. It is a rather strange view from someone who runs a political organization. Furthermore, there was a well orchestrated campaign against admitting gay boys. We all entertained horror stories about tents and showers. None of which, I might add, have come to pass.

Moreover, if some volunteers were offended by the presence of gay people then they are unsuitable influences around young boys. Children are naturally tolerant until some nitwit teaches them to be prejudicial. Also, I will take a science teacher volunteer over a self-righteous Christian any day of the week.

Lane goes on to quote Franklin Graham who, in 2015, said in the wake of the Scouts admitting gay leaders:

Robert Gates, shame on you for not having the moral courage to do what is right.

Yesterday Gates, the president of Boy Scouts of America, called for an end to the group’s ban on gay troop leaders. What are you thinking?

We shouldn’t shift as the winds of cultural change blow through society; we need to stand for God’s truth and things that are morally right.

This move is bending to LGBT activist groups and would put young, innocent boys at risk.”

Gates did do what was right. Lane is repeating Franklin Graham claiming that gay men are pedophiles. Lane owns what he repeats. Furthermore, he is doing so when we know that there have been no issues reported. The effect is that the rather immoral Mr. Lane is stating that gay men are predisposed to be child molesters. A Christian youth counselor is riskier than an openly gay man.

On January 30, 2017, the Boy Scouts announced that it would accept transgender members (biological girls who want to become boys).

They do not “want” to become boys you sanctimonious imbecile. There is no choice involved. As far as they are concerned, they are boys. It is not necessary to be so stunningly ignorant. The same papers that are available to everyone else are available to Mr. Lane.

John Stemberger,President of the Florida Family Policy Council, released the statement, January 31, 2017:

“This is a profoundly sad but inevitable decision on the part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) …

… Leadership of the BSA assured its membership less than four years ago when they voted to allow openly gay boys in the program that this would never happen.

Now untold thousands of boys in Scouting will be directly exposed to the serious psychological confusion that is characterized by those claiming to be transgender …”

It is quite apparent that neither Stemberger nor Lane know the first thing about transgender people. I suspect that Stemberger is also full of crap about promises made in 2013 not to accept transgender Scouts. He was so unhinged over gay Scouts that he started a Christian scouting alternative.

As for the “exposure,” the attempt to paint dire circumstances simply based on their personal disapproval might pass in incurious Christian circles. However, to critical thinkers it is abundantly clear what Stemberger was doing and, by extension, David Lane. Transgender Scouts are not a threat to anyone. Claiming that their mere presence constitutes a threat is idiotic. It is also a deliberate lie. Again, Lane owns what he repeats.

So I ask again: How dare David Lane lecture us about morality? Lane is a Republican operative with selective self-righteousness.

I have not heard Mr. Lane comment on any of Trump’s moral transgressions which include lining his own pockets at our expense. Nor does the good Christian seem to have any thoughts about gun safety regardless of the fact that young people are being killed and maimed. Nor, for that matter, has Mr. Lane shown a hint of decency about the Dreamers in spite of the fact that they have done nothing wrong.

Immoral barely describes David Lane. The reality is that Lane is a sociopath.

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