Brian S. Brown
With each money plea, Brian S. Brown is increasingly ridiculous

I received an email from National Organization for Marriage this afternoon. Its subject reads: “Oscars So Strange.”

Allow me to skip right to the punchline. There are two graphics (with donation links of course) separated by some paragraphs of gibberish:

I am really at a loss to understand what NOM is claiming it will do if people will only donate more money. We find ourselves in territory that was occupied solely by Oral Roberts. Roberts told an audience at Oral Roberts U. that he asked God to take him but God did not answer. I have problems with people who claim to be conversant with their deity. But it gets worse.

A few years later, in a fund raising letter, Oral Roberts claimed that he must raise an additional $8 million or he will die. He said that God gave him an ultimatum and promised to “call me home” if he was unsuccessful in raising the money. The fact that people believed him is enlightening.

So, Brian S. Brown, you are in that territory of fundraising absurdity. The text that accompanied Brown’s email is rather inelegant, to say the least.

Hollywood and the left were on full display last night at the 90th annual Academy Awards show. From beginning to end, it was a bizarre presentation, something that can only be described as unwatchable. …

Apparently Brown has unique televisions that have neither channel selectors nor on/off buttons. We are entertained by several paragraphs of criticizing the efforts of Hollywood to reflect diversity including:

To put an exclamation point on how strongly Hollywood’s newfound commitment to the plight of women is, Frances McDormand, sometimes rambling incoherently and looking homeless, called on all female nominees in the audience to stand. One can only presume that McDormand meant it as a show of strength and protest against Hollywood’s culture of oppression against women.

I think that she was trying to demonstrate the fact that men receive far more nominations than woman which further demonstrates that women are very much in the minority when it comes to off-camera work in the industry. I am not sure why Brown was so upset by this display. Nor do I understand why Brown launched into this very personal attack. What I am sure of is that Frances McDormand is an absolutely brilliant actor.

Eventually we end up at this bit of blather:

Sometimes it feels as if we at NOM are facing a firehose of assaults from Hollywood and the left. We have to fight just to take a breath amidst the sheer onslaught of damaging ideas being advanced. But even though we can be consumed in defending against terrible proposals, we also have to devote considerable attention to advancing positive narratives about marriage and family, promoting the good of marriage, illuminating the beauty of mainstream religious practice and life, and the highlighting the immense and unique contributions that both genders make to human flourishing.

Remove the self-victimization from Brown’s textual flatulence and not much is left. Ah, but they have a solution:

That is what NOM’s First Freedom Initiative is designed to do. Through the First Freedom Initiative, we produce videos, design grassroots educational programs, conduct public speaking and informational tours, engage with people via social media, interact with young people on college campuses and advance public policies.

NOM’s First Freedom Initiative showed up in fundraisers about a year ago, March 9, 2017 to be precise. The obvious question is this: What have they accomplished over the last year other than pissing away more money? Mr. Brown is never specific about program accomplishments.

In the end, NOM has never accomplished anything and probably never will. For one thing it lacks leaders who perceive that their job is more than just asking for money.

Those appeals for donations are always and us vs. them proposition. Whether it is gay people or transgender people; progressives or Hollywood, Brian Brown is at war with a good chunk of the world. Perhaps that is one reason why NOM never really accomplishes anything. It is all just so negative.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.