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Christian conservative John Stonestreet has difficulty separating scientific fact from faith. Yet he presumes to have all the answers.

John Stonestreet (Colson Center) takes to CNS, one of L. Brent Bozell’s outlets, with A Sound, Compassionate Response to the Trans Movement. There is no “trans movement” and transgender people do not need another lecture with the phony pretext of responding to something that does not exist from a group that does not exist. Who is Stonestreet responding to? Doctors?

Stonestreet weaves a tale of misery through misleading selective observation. I will indulge in a lengthy quote, in full.

Imagine this scenario: Your 17-year-old daughter tells you she’s trapped in the wrong body, is really a boy, and wants hormone therapy to begin the process of transitioning. As her parent, you love your daughter, but you disagree. You want to look at other options to help her.

She decides to take you to court. Even though she’s a minor under your care, the judge decides your beliefs are a danger to your daughter, and takes her from your custody.

Well, imagine this scenario no more. That’s exactly what happened in Ohio recently.

I wish they would stop saying “trapped in the wrong body.” It is trite. I have written about this incident which occurred in February. What Stonestreet fails to mention is that the teen had been hospitalized once for severe depression and anxiety and he has been objectively diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

He also fails to mention that the teen was already living with maternal grandparents who were accepting. His toxic parents, particularly his father, were bullying the kid. He refused to call him by his correct name and told him that he should kill himself because he was going to hell anyway. Mom and dad are Catholic cultists who lack the knowledge to disagree with a medical diagnosis.

In the middle of all this loving Mommy and Daddy insisted that the kid attend Catholic school where he was victimized every single day. Nice.

If they wanted a second opinion from a qualified psychiatrist that is one thing. What the parents wanted (following the dictates of the Church) was for the boy to be treated by a Christian counselor which is code for discredited conversion therapy pseudo-science. The judge was correct. The Catholic Church does not get a say in how someone is treated for a medical condition.

Parents should possess the necessary judgment to be capable of knowing the difference between religious dogma and sound medical treatment from qualified and experienced clinicians. If they are not able to do that then they endanger their child. It is no different from taking a child off of chemotherapy to be treated by a faith healer. It doesn’t make any sense.

Tragically, the child has probably developed breast tissue which only adds to his distress. That could have been prevented with puberty blockers. Now he might require surgery. Meds are not prescribed by wild-eyed crazy people wearing white. Rather, those professionals specialize in this area of medicine.

Stonestreet has more to say:

And we shouldn’t be surprised. As Ryan Anderson, a Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation warns, Americans can expect more cases just like this one.

Anderson’s in-depth research of the transgender movement and sexual ideology is now available in his new book, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.” And I don’t say this lightly, this book is one every single Christian needs to read and understand.

I have no intention of going through Anderson’s fucking book again. Suffice it to say that he has no qualifications and he relies on junk science that has not been published to peer-reviewed journals. Anderson started with the teachings of the Catholic Church and then figured out a way to supposedly support those teachings. That makes Anderson a crackpot. The amount of attention that Anderson is getting makes him a potentially dangerous crackpot.

Stonestreet sinks deeper into the swamp:

Activists challenged traditional gender roles as being oppressive and too generalized. But today the movement claims that sex is not biological, but assigned at birth. As if the doctor makes a random decision to identify a child as male or female. That’s how, the popular theory goes, boys can be trapped in girl’s bodies, and vice versa.

This is, of course, a scientifically indefensible position, and assumes that deep in some part of one’s brain (though we’re not sure where), our true gender identity is located. The theory is advancing, not on its merits, but on political power and name-calling: that only bigots insist on biological realities.

The idea that activists have anything to do with the treatment of gender dysphoria is preposterous. Gender dysphoria is not a theory as Stonestreet claims. A small segment of the population has incongruent natal sex and gender and we have known this for 75 years, maybe longer. Hindus have known about this (and accepted it) since the sixth century BCE.

To suggest that gender, a scientific certainty, is scientifically indefensible is spectacularly stupid. And gender has nothing to do with biological realities which are not controversial.

Stonestreet concludes with this:

Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims. Transgender ideology is disproportionately aiming at children, teaching them that they are not the inherently valuable image bearers God created them to be. If we love our neighbors, especially the kids, we cannot remain silent on this one.

There is no such thing as transgender ideology and no one is aiming anything at children. A few kids absolutely insist that they are the opposite sex. They suffer with anxiety and depression. Some of those kids (not adults) persist to the point of demanding opposite sex attire. Presenting as their gender gives them substantial relief.

Hopefully parents will elect to have their children treated by competent and professional clinicians. God has no say in the treatment of any medical condition; from cancer to gender dysphoria. Denying the existence of transgender people is neither compassionate nor sound. It is hateful religious dogma that is refuted by a mountain of peer reviewed science.

I skipped over Stonestreet’s love of Jesus rhetoric. It is irrelevant and embarrassing. At the risk of repeating myself, religion is a belief system. It is based on faith. Science, however, is based on evidence. Christians endanger our very lives when they allow their beliefs to be confused with evidentiary science.

Another thing that transgender people do not need is phony compassion. Claiming to be compassionate and then treating transgender people as if they are delusional lunatics is anything but compassionate. They only do this in order to look less hateful. Hello! It doesn’t work.

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