Thomas D. Williams
Thomas D. Williams has answers to questions that were not asked

Writing for Breitbart, Thomas D. Williams seems to be yet another professional Catholic and Breitbart’s Rome correspondent. I would think that Breitbart doesn’t really need correspondents to make stuff up. Williams, who sports a PhD from somewhere, enlightens us all with:

Nobody Is Truly Transgender Because Sex Change Is ‘Physically Impossible,’ Writes Philosopher

{Sigh…} We get it. No one can alter their chromosomes. I have furiously searched the known Internet universe to the point of great frustration and anxiety. I cannot find any instance of anyone claiming that one’s natal sex can be changed. Perhaps through prayer and piety Thomas D. Williams and Ryan T. Anderson have been more successful at tracking that down.

Why do people who claim to be intellectuals insist on countering an argument that no one has made? Doing so is not terribly smart.

Just for good measure, rinse and repeat:

According to Dr. Lawrence Mayer of the Department of Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, science is not on the side of the transgender movement.

“Scientifically speaking, transgender men are not biological men and transgender women are not biological women. The claims to the contrary are not supported by a scintilla of scientific evidence,” he said.

I happen to know and like Dr. Mayer (with whom I fervently disagree). Mayer is a very smart guy and I am really puzzled as to why he would say something like that unless it is grossly out of context. Puzzled because no one is making “the claims” to which he refers (at least no one that I am aware of).

I am going to skip quite a bit of this. Most of Williams’ piece is composed of the same nonsensical gibberish that I have responded to ad nauseum. The last two paragraphs offer some variety:

There simply is no spiritual existence of “maleness” or “femaleness” unrelated to the physical body, since that is where sexual differences reside.

I have no clue how spirituality is involved. What I do know — what I choose to understand — is that sex and gender are two different constructs. For, the overwhelming majority of the population the two are aligned and go unnoticed as separate. However, for a small percentage of the population the two are incongruent and that creates gender dysphoria. The condition is not some esoteric concept. Rather, it is well defined in the medical literature going back many decades.

It seems to me that Williams and Anderson want to pretend otherwise. Apparently the very existence of the condition is a threat to the Church. Finally we get to this bit of special:

Whereas transgender activists will often speak derogatorily of “biological sex,” this is the only kind of sex there is.

Who the hell speaks derogatorily of biological sex? Isn’t it obvious that we all have one of those? Again, this is an effort to counter an argument that does not exist.

I honestly do not understand what all of this fuss is about. It is inarguable that the condition exists. It is also inarguable that some people find relief from the condition by affirming their gender. How did this ever become a theological debate? What exactly do these people want?

Do they want people to suffer with gender dysphoria because the Church disapproves of transitioning? It’s not like the sufferers have many options. In fact, Anderson and Williams are both short on solutions. Shall these people pray? Is that what they want?

They use the term transgender activist as if it were dirty words. But at least I know what those people want. They want some human dignity which comes from not being judged by their sexuality and they would like to pee in peace when it comes to public facilities. That should not be an insurmountable agenda.

However, when it comes to these religious activists — and that is what they are — I have no clue what they want or why they want it. What stake do they have in this? After all, how does someone being transgender affect their lives in any way whatsoever? What is it that causes Ryan T. Anderson to write a nonsensical book in defense of the faith? What compels Thomas D. Williams to look like a religious lunatic in defense of Anderson?

We will never know the answers to these questions because they will never tell us. Ideally, they would like us to believe that all of this noise has nothing to do with Christianity and that is a lie. Ryan T. Anderson, who doesn’t seem to be terribly bright, talks in circles as the faithful endow him with intellectualism. There is nothing intellectual in promoting obtuseness and stupidity in service to religious dogma. What does that say about Thomas D. Williams who is promoting Mr. Anderson?

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By David Cary Hart

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