Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer is determined to spread pseudoscience through a pseudo-intellectual blog.

As a Defender of the Faith, Ryan T. Anderson is obsessed with transgender people. Anderson has the most overrated intellect in Christendom. Anderson is the editor of Witherspoon Institute’s pseudo-intellectual blog.

Walt Heyer is also obsessed with transgender people. Heyer had sex reassignment surgery about 34 years ago at about 42 years of age. He had the surgery reversed about eight years later. About 25 to 30 years later, for religious reasons (he is also a conservative Catholic), and in an attempt to make sense of his own life and to get some attention Heyer has been on an anti-trans crusade. It is also how Heyer seems to support himself. No one overestimates Heyer’s intellect. Doing so would bWalt Heyer is determined to spread pseudoscience through a pseudo-intellectual blog.

e comparable to critiquing a one-note opera.

Heyer seems to have unfettered access to Witherspoon Institute’s pseudo-intellectual blog.

Heyer’s dozen posts all say the same thing: Transgender — bad. He never offers any proof of anything and he never cites peer-reviewed research. Heyer sometimes speaks of people who have supposedly contacted him regretting their transition. We have no way of knowing — and Anderson has no way of knowing — if these people even exist.

Today’s victim is “Billy.” Not many adults named William refer to themselves as Billy but I am wired to be skeptical of people like Heyer. I am going to limit myself to the subtitle and one paragraph of Heyer’s latest screed. First the subtitle:

Billy is not the first who turned to a transgender identity to escape pain and trauma. It’s time for psychotherapists to seriously address the unique causes of each individual’s gender dysphoria before encouraging them to pursue hormones and surgery.

There is usually one reason that people become transgender which is to mitigate the effects of gender dysphoria. Heyer is asserting that there is an underlying psychological cause for gender dysphoria; one that the psychiatric profession is ignoring or even obscuring. Now if we could only know and treat that underlying cause …

Sound familiar? It is the conspiracy theory of James Dobson and others 20 years ago. Their crackpot theories provided (and continue to provide) the foundation for conversion therapy. Heyer and Ryan T. Anderson are trying to do the same thing in regards to gender identity. Conversion therapy exists to support religious oriented discrimination. A rationale (the underlying cause of sexuality that they do not approve of) came after the fact.

Here is the one paragraph that I will quote:

Billy B.’s story is not exceptional or unique. Childhood sexual abuse is an experience common to many of those who write me with regret about changing genders. Stories like his have filled my email inbox for the last ten years. That’s precisely why I asked him if I could share it.

Sound familiar? There are many conservative Christians who believe that most gay people are victims of childhood sexual abuse. It is a theory that is not supported by the science. It has been spread by religious conservatives to support some form of psychotherapy as a cure for homosexuality. Now it is spread to support the false notion that gender dysphoria can be cured.

If Walt Heyer wants to claim that sexual abuse causes gender dysphoria then he is intellectually obligated to cite research in support of the claim. There is no intervention known to medical science to reverse or even lessen gender dysphoria.

If Ryan T. Anderson wants to be a responsible editor then he is intellectually obligated to ensure that the pieces that are published to the outlet are factually sound. Anderson has other objectives. He wants to support the teachings of the Catholic Church and he has a book to sell.

Moreover, he has not met those standards in his book. He relies heavily on articles that are not published to respectable peer-reviewed journals. He relies on so-called experts have have never done original relevant research published to peer-reviewed journals.

I know. Call me a cynic. There is simply no way to make bullshit smell like my bay rum after-shave.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.