On Tuesday, Maryland’s senate approved a measure that would make conversion (sometimes called reparative) therapy by medical professionals to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a minor unlawful and unprofessional conduct.

Violations would lead to discipline by the state’s licensing board. That could include fines, suspension or license revocation.

The bill reflects the fact that conversion therapy is thoroughly discredited. Moreover, minors who are often victimized by ignorant parents are unable to provide informed consent. Clergy remain free to further victimize children and their parents with toxic pray-away-the-gay (or trans) nonsense.

GOPers still carry water for the religious right. The Washington Post reports:

“This bill does not allow any professionals to discuss alternatives to anyone who is questioning their sexuality,” said state Sen. Johnny Ray Salling (R-Baltimore County). “We should all be worried about that.”

What “we should all be worried about” is the notion that there are “alternatives” He is also absurdly suggesting that a minor who is uncertain of his or her sexuality could be guided to a choice by a religious-oriented counselor. It is a toxic mix of pandering and ignorance that engulfs the senator. The simple fact is that medical science does not conform to scripture.

Note the senator’s use of the word “to” rather than “with.” That inadvertent slip is somewhat accurate.

Christopher Doyle
Christopher Doyle is
still peddling snake oil

The legislature needs to move quickly if it wants to get this bill on the governor’s desk. It adjourns on April 9.

I am calling this the Christopher Doyle Bill. I believe that he is still licensed in Maryland.

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By David Cary Hart

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