Walker Wildmon
Walker Wildmon

American Family Association is aptly named as a family business. Don Wildmon, AFA’s founder, was far from brilliant but he is a shrewd bigot. Don’s son, Tim Wildmon, is noticeably less intelligent and less cagey than his father. Tim’s children, Walker Wildmon and Wesley Wildmon,  are also on the hate group’s payroll. Neither is a wizard and each generation is increasingly incurious. I will get back to Walker Wildmon’s latest misadventure shortly.

Sure; I am making an argument ad hominem but it is important to know something about the folks who have a penchant for labeling people they disapprove of as perverts. Through the exploration of the character and intelligence of these sanctimonious fools we gain perspective.

Case in point is a post on AFA’s “news” blog titled: How much more bad PR can you stand, Target? In order to justify AFA’s pointless boycott of Target they are claiming:

  1. that Target is responsible for the actions of some drunken pervert (yes, a real pervert who is not LGB or T);
  2. because Target does not monitor who uses its restrooms;
  3. because Target has a policy of accommodating the tiny minority of shoppers who might be transgender.

Perhaps one of the Wildmons has an example of a retailer with bathroom monitors. In point of fact, stores don’t seem to be paying people to act as bathroom gatekeepers or observers. None of this has anything to do with Target’s policy of permitting trans people to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity.

In other words, AFA might just as well claim that a pickpocket is the result of store accommodations policies because this doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. In other words some very stupid people believe that everyone else is as idiotic as they are. According to AFA:

AFA warned Target at the time, however, that straight men could use the liberal policy to prey on unsuspecting female customers, and to date such incidents have been documented by local media at Target stores in Texas, Oregon, Tennessee, Idaho, New Jersey, California, and other states.

To which I say “bullshit!” What AFA suggested, is that cisgender men would pretend to be transgender in order to prey on women in women’s bathrooms. It has never happened. AFA is also lumping together some peeping Toms who perpetrated the same offense in stores other than Target in their locales.

There simply is no logical connection between voyeurs and the accommodation of gender identity. To claim otherwise is lacking in both logic and evidence. Aside from the inherent stupidity, a whole lot of self-righteous Christians are bearing a whole lot of false witness.

For AFA to be correct, some man intent on preying on women and girls would have to assume that Target’s policy would allow him to enter a women’s bathroom without anyone objecting or complaining. That is preposterous. In fact their own story demonstrates just the opposite. People will  object and complain putting perpetrators in legal jeopardy.

AFA is a hate group. They believe that transgender people are perverts. It makes them incapable of discernment. As far as they are concerned some peeping Tom is no worse than a transgender store patron. They conflate the two together creating murky logic.

Speaking of witness, enter Walker Wildmon:

In a news story about the Target store incident, NBC News Chicago said police warned the public that parents should always be cautious of their surroundings, including in public restrooms.

AFA spokesman Walker Wildmon questions why such a warning would be made, when Target has publicly stated that it is not monitoring who enters the women’s restrooms.

“According to Target’s policy, if the mother or daughter had objected to this man entering the women’s restroom, they couldn’t have,” he points out. “They would have no standing, because according to Target’s policy, men can access women’s restrooms and changing rooms.”

Poor Walker. In the second paragraph, the “why” and “when” lack a relevant logical connection. The third paragraph is plain stupid. According to the story, the man was drunk and told a girl using one of the stalls to leave. He then pulled down his pants, preparing to sit on the crapper — exposing his genitalia. Apparently he came to his senses and left the stall.

Regardless of the individual’s sexuality (he was not trans), the mother would have every right to make a complaint and, indeed, she did. “Standing,” a legal term, is the wrong word to use and he is wrong as demonstrated by the facts. No Target policy permits or invites illegal activity. Finally, Target does not have a policy allowing men to use women’s restrooms. That is just more fiction based upon further fiction that transgender people do not actually exist. That, in turn, is based on the interpretation, by some people, of ancient chronicles having little relevance to our society today.

In present day terms, AFA’s actions regarding Target never made sense. When AFA found out that most retailers have the same policy they changed the narrative. Then their stated objection was that Target made the policy public which should be none of their business. Now they are back to the policy, seemingly forgetting, for example, that Walmart has the same policy.

The only thing more moronic than an idiotic campaign is attempting to prove that they were right all along. They are only demonstrating the family’s successive stupidity.

Enter Franklin Graham:

Speaking of idiot sons, the perpetually pissed off Franklin Graham has weighed in on this matter. A story in the Christian Post is titled: Man Exposes Genitals to Girl in Target Bathroom; Franklin Graham Encourages Boycott:

“Target prides itself in its policy that allows biological men to use women’s restrooms,” Graham wrote on Facebook Tuesday, referring to Target’s decision to allow customers and employees to use the bathroom of their choosing regardless of gender.

“Customers interviewed were right — it’s very sad. And it is so preventable. The American Family Association is calling for a boycott of Target stores …

I am not going to repeat myself. Graham’s response is illogical and incorrect. Batshit if you prefer. Target policy did not contribute to this policy and a reversal of policy would not have prevented this incident in any way whatsoever. And by the way, people choose a bathroom based on their gender presentation; not “regardless of gender.”

Conservative Christians should stop complaining about so-called elites making them look stupid. In point of fact, through their contributions, they are paying people to make them look stupid and irresponsible. They have only themselves to blame. The Wildmons and Graham are not leaders. They promote abject stupidity and ignorance. They also promote Christian supremacy which is antithetical to our Constitution.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.