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Anti-LGBT hate group, Family Research Council, has been subpoenaed to produce records relative to their involvement in Trump’s transgender military service ban. They are very displeased. They are also raising money off of the legal process. In an email the hate group’s leader, Tony Perkins, explains:

You’ll recall that last July, President Trump kept his pledge to end the Obama era of social experimentation in our nation’s armed forces. Moving away from political correctness and putting the focus on the military’s mission of preparing to fight and win wars, he announced that the military would return to the status quo policy of not allowing individuals to serve who identify as transgender.

Begging the question much? What I recall is that the RAND Corporation, retained by the Department of Defense, made a recommendation after studying the issue to allow transgender service. I recall that Tony Perkins and other Christian supremacists had a shit fit. Their objection has nothing to do with military effectiveness and everything to do with religious beliefs.

I also recall that Trump, probably a non-believer, has been a pandering captive of the religious right since he campaigned for the presidency. His interest is what it always is: Trump.

Despite fierce push back from LGBT activist groups, the Department of Defense released their report last month reinforcing the administration’s commitment to implementing policies that are essential to keeping our military strong and our country safe. Upset by these actions, groups like the National Center for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders have resorted to one of their favorite avenues to impose their fringe agenda: the court system.

Except instead of disinterested experts like RAND Corporation, this time around the report was written by the likes of Tony Perkins and Ryan T. Anderson with some help from VP Mike Pence. The intent was to disqualify transgender service because of Christian disapproval. Again, this had nothing to do with military effectiveness.

And about that “favorite avenue:” Our courts are being used by Christian Law firms Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom, First Liberty Institute, Thomas More Law Center and others in an attempt to chip away at LGBT rights. As for who is at the “fringe,” that would seem to be comprised of Christian literalists who claim, based on ancient texts, omniscience on all matters.

Last fall, these activists sued the Trump administration to put a hold on the policy change. And now they have issued subpoenas, demanding that we produce all communications on the topic between senior leaders at Family Research Council and the administration. We’ve had to hire a law firm to represent us in the case, and our lawyers have objected to this demand, asserting our First Amendment religious freedom and speech rights. The LGBT activist groups have now filed a motion seeking a court order compelling us to turn oveprivileged documentsr the privileged documents.

“Privileged?” What privilege applies? Is Perkins secretly married to Trump? I am guess that “religious freedom and speech rights” are not going to fly. It seems both pertinent and fair to me to determine to what extent FRC was involved given that FRC does not have any expertise in anything relevant to transgender military service. Pony up Tony. Your dirty laundry with Trump’s stains is about to be revealed.

Let me be clear, the purpose of these subpoenas is not to resolve any constitutional questions. Their intent is clear — to intimidate FRC and our supporters from standing up for our military service members. They also know that it takes significant time and resources to respond to subpoenas, scarce time and resources that we should be focusing on advancing faith, family, and freedom.

Nice try. FRC’s constituency might actually believe that BS. The purpose of these subpoenas is to determine the extent of FRC’s involvement in what has bprivileged documentseen passed off as the Department of Defense recommendations. If these were actually Christian recommendations — as is reportedly the case — then they have no bearing on the issue. Shame on all those involved in this sham designed to discriminate against a minority that these conservative Christians disapprove of. Trump, of course, is more shameless than Frank Gallagher.

Of course:

If standing up against injustice stirs your heart, we now need you to stand with FRC. Will you pray for us as we face this legal challenge? And will you prayerfully consider a generous gift to help us fight this attack as we continue to stand strong and defend your right to influence your government?

I suspect that Heritage Foundation has received a similar subpoena because of Ryan T. Anderson’s involvement. I will try to find out.

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By David Cary Hart

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