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I have let a few of these go by but this one is just too nutty to ignore. Here’s the deal: Justice Anthony Kennedy might retire at the end of this term (then again, he might not). National Organization for Marriage does not have sufficient funds to support Trump’s nominee. Give money to NOM so that Trump’s nominee becomes a justice of the Supreme Court.

According to Brian S. Brown:

First a prelim:

In 56 days, the United States Supreme Court will hold their last scheduled meeting of the current term. If history is a guide, that could be the day when a ruling in one or more of the biggest cases heard by the Court this term will be announced. Perhaps that’s when we will get their decision in the critical religious liberty case that NOM has actively supported, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado, where a Christian baker was fined and punished simply for living out his beliefs in the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Where would that case be if NOM did not actively support it? Has NOM altered the deliberations of the Supreme Court and their eventual ruling? Call me “skeptic.” Do NOM’s supporters (or what remains of them) actually believe this nonsense?

Another critically important development could occur in 56 days. The last day of the term is when a sitting Supreme Court Justice often chooses to announce his retirement. Rumors continue to swirl that Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire, setting in motion one of the most important, consequential battles in our lifetime.

The problem is that we are not ready for it.

I announced the other day that NOM was facing a critical budget shortfall and needed to raise $25,000 immediately. Many supporters have stepped up to help, but we are still $6,000 short of our goal. Unless we can raise that $6,000 this week, we’re going to have to cut programs, let alone have the funds on hand to wage the kind of intense battle that will be necessary to prevail in a Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process.

NOM will pretend to be part of the process by sending out emails asking for even more money to do … To do what exactly? What does $6K mean in terms of advocacy? Is Brown claiming that he can change the votes of senators? What is not subject to questioning is the fact that Brown figures that he has a stupid constituency.

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