This is Jeffrey McCall in action a year ago. I guess that he could not provide a better photo of himself.

The permit application for Saturday’s “ex-gay” – “ex-trans” demonstration (Freedom March) is below the fold. The application has no connection to Voice of the Voiceless or Christopher Doyle. The request is from Jeffrey McCall. On information and belief, that would be the guy pictured above. The MagaRevival website is still up should this post not be sufficiently entertaining on its own.

Other speakers include Ieacha Lusk, M.J. Nixon and Edward Byrd. They all have bios here in connection with an ex-whatever video. The site asks for money.  What a shock. The contact information is: Here’s My Heart,
465 Ridge Ct, Alpharetta, GA 30009, That property is owned by Kenton A. Phillips who is with Ventura Consulting Group. The home might be rented so Phillips might have no connection to the video.

The true purpose of this little demonstration might be to promote this schlockumentary.

So-called Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston is in her element. I am rarely speechless. However, I could not possibly top McCall’s Facebook post last year which seems to coincide with the goofy photo:

Jeffrey has been delivered from homosexuality and he’s championing the message of TRUTH to the LGBTQ community. We call for REVIVAL of Truth!

This is his post on Facebook:

Intense post so strap in.(Eunuchs, Jezebel, Homosexuals, Transexuals, Soon Shift) Yesterday I was reading the stories of Elijah and Elisha and put a marker in where I was to begin today. I received a email yesterday and saw it last night about going on another television show today. I am super excited always to share my testimony, exposing lies and showing just what God can do! As I opened my Bible this morning the actual header where I left off was entitled, “Jezebel Killed”. As I started reading I got to rediscover the ending of Jezebel’s life and I find it interesting because by myself and others like me speaking up on this homosexual/transexual/ topic we are exposing an evil spirit of Jezebel and the demonic it brings with it. I found it NO coincidence that Eunuchs kill Jezebel! I was thinking of eunuchs and their lives. These people were men who had male organs cut off by others in ancient times.Some were emasculated when they were boys and others as adults. They were usually always in Palaces and assigned to Queens and royal women for the most part. I can see it just as it is described in the book of Esther, where eunuchs were there preparing her with the beauty treatments. I think of modern day men who do hair, makeup, and other beauty treatments for women usually they come from what is known as the LGBTQ community. Literally when Jehu comes to destroy and otherthrow the power Jezebel comes out to meet him. When he asks if anyone is on his side, the Eunuchs come forth! The ones that people in society looked at having no identity, really sexual or gender wise, these are the ones who came forward! They are the ones that actually KILLED Jezebel! I can only imagine how tired they were after dealing with Jezebel and her spirit of torment, witchcraft, and control over them. I can see her daily mistreatment of them in my mind, and they were done with being a slave to her! This is my hope for the LGBTQ community, for the entanglements, slavery, and bondage that the Jezebel spirit wants over your lives to be broken! That is why I will continue to write for websites, go on television shows, and speak up wherever I go, because it makes me sad to see people in slavery and bondage to something that Jesus Christ of Nazareth can set you free from! BUT i see a future, a fresh vision, when the modern day Eunuchs, are going to join together and overthrow the spirit of Jezebel just as they did in 2 Kings 9:32! So get ready people Jesus Christ, the only way to God the Father, is being outpoured a fresh and the Holy Spirit is about to transform even more lives, the people you don’t even expect!

His word to his friends:

I used the secular media and it was so easy to push transgender agenda. Now I am on total opposite spectrum. Following Christ and have made peace with my gender and identity in him! I don’t care what you are going through turn everything over to him and he will make all things new. While the world was telling me during these days I had finally “found myself” I was miserable and wanted to die. Don’t believe what the world tells you are, believe what Gods word tells you. It’s always right. #100%

18-0605 – The Freedom March Application by David Hart on Scribd

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