Bill Donohue

Actually I want to thank Blowhard Bill, president of the Catholic League, for bringing this to my attention.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a controversial message adorning a building at Columbia University:





That makes perfect sense to me. Blowhard Bill (a divorced man) does not approve:

So this is the message—”God Loves Gay Porn”—that the Ivy League school says contributes to “cultural and civic exchange” and “contemporary scholarship.” The bar doesn’t get much lower than this.

Imagine paying $60,000 a year to get an education like this? There must be a lack of street artists in that neighborhood.

Bill doesn’t quite understand the message. If there is a god then s/he might very well prefer gay porn to personal WMD.

According to U.S. News Columbia University is ranked fifth among national universities — tied with MIT and Stanford. Bill must be pissed off that Notre Dame is ranked at 18. Of course Bill didn’t approve of Notre Dame all that much when the university provided same-sex partner benefits years before Obergefell (along with most of the better Catholic universities).

Donohue is an anachronism.

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By David Cary Hart

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