Brian S. Brown
Hate Group Leader Brian S. Brown

In addition to National Organization for Marriage, Brian S. Brown is president of International Organization for the Family aka World Congress of Families aka Howard Center for Family Religion and Society aka a hate group according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

My title for this piece might be in poor taste. Raising money off of dead people is undeniably crass:

Dear Friend—It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks for all of us at IOF as we’ve dealt with the tragic death of our dear friend and colleague, Larry Jacobs. His memorial service late last week was wonderful, an inspiring and uplifting celebration of a life well lived as a husband, father and tireless pro-family advocate. Larry Jacobs will be greatly missed. Now it is time for us to move forward to honor his legacy by carrying on with the work that helped define his life.

You know where that goes starting with the very next sentence:

Will you stand with IOF in support of the natural family and the international pro-family movement?

We have a great deal on our plate, and now must deal with the added difficulty of having lost one of our top leaders. Here’s some of what we are facing:

The first paragraph above links to a donation page. Shocking I know.

And what’s on Bri’s plate?

The World Congress of Families XII conference in Moldova is very rapidly approaching this September. We need to be sure it is the best ever.

Our sponsorship of regional conferences around the globe are on the rise, with new requests coming in nearly every week.

In the past those have been funded by Russian oligarchs. Meanwhile, everyone needs an enemy (scapegoat):

We are a leading international organization challenging the left, led by billionaire George Soros …

Have a bissel BS:

We work tirelessly to protect the natural family in international bodies such as the United Nations, where we have been active for a number of years.

We promote cutting edge research and scholarship by expanding access to The Natural Family, our international journal of research and policy.

I tend to doubt that they do much at the U.N. but they are a pernicious danger to LGBT people around the world. As for what amounts to a collection of blog posts, it’s not cutting edge, it offers no real research, it’s certainly not scholarly and it is most definitely not a journal as that term is generally understood. It is merely a pretentious blog. None of the posts are dated. The last-modified header is missing as well. All by design I suspect.

From there, Brown provides numerous links to become a “sustaining member” by giving him some money. Maybe this nonsense works. Brown concludes with more exploitation:

Thank you for your support of IOF as we move forward. We are committed to the fight and are convinced that we can build on the foundation that Larry Jacobs helped to create and, as a result, that our best years are yet to come. We are honored to have your friendship and encouragement on behalf of the natural family.

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