Bill Lucero
Former North Bend
High School principal
Bill Lucero

ACLU-Oregon reached a settlement on Monday that removed a misfit from his position as principal at North Bend High School. Principal Bill Lucero was determined to be responsible for the verbal and physical abuse of LGBT students.

In addition to firing Lucero, the school district has agreed to work with the ACLU to develop policies and provide training that will (hopefully) prevent this kind of discrimination from reoccurring.

Quoting from a press release:

“This is a tremendous achievement for our clients and all the current and future students of North Bend,” said Mat dos Santos, legal director at the ACLU of Oregon. “It sends a clear message to everyone at the district: If you break the law by discriminating against LGBTQ students or engaging in religious proselytization at school, there are serious consequences.”

The ACLU represented two students. They claim that Lucero created a hostile environment for LGBT students. In one incident Lucero’s own son, a student at the school, nearly hit a gay couple with his car as he was yelling “faggot” at them. Moreover, staff who tried to do the right thing and supported LGBT students were faced with retaliation from Lucero. Lucero also required LGBT students to read Bible passages, something that is clearly impermissible.

While not part of the settlement, hopefully steps will be taken to review how this schmuck ever became a principal in the first place and to prevent someone like him from being similarly elevated.

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By David Cary Hart

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