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Mad Mat sees LGBT enemies everywhere

Hate group leader Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) is, once again, very upset with subpoenas to produce documents in connection with Karnoski v Trump (challenging the trans military service ban). Staver’s consternation extends to others who have been subpoenaed. According to an email  from Staver, Liberty Counsel now represents Arkansas preacher Ronnie Floyd. It has previously objected on behalf of Family Research Council.

What is most interesting about this saga is Staver’s level of derangement. It is really quite impressive just how utterly unhinged Staver can become. Organizations and lawyers supporting the right of transgender people to serve in the military are Staver’s and Christendom’s enemies. According to Mad Mat, LGBT activists, his enemies, are everywhere:

[Floyd and Family Research Council] have been targeted by these activists for simply participating in President Trump’s Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, which the president established to understand the concerns of Christians and receive counseling on a wide range of issues.

The queers are out to get us!” In reality the subpoenas are part of a very sober legal strategy. Plaintiffs want to know who crafted the anti-trans policy. The Department of Defense had already commissioned the respected RAND Corporation to assess this issue and they recommended that transgender service members should be able to serve. So how was the change orchestrated? While evangelical Christians have a standard list of talking points, they get there because their god does not approve of transgender people. Crafting policy in recognition of religious beliefs is prohibited by the Constitution.

Aside from the constitutional realities, these fundamentalist Christians might have created or induced a policy that is detrimental to the military. That doesn’t matter to them if they are preventing their god from being angry (it is all very childlike). However, it does matter to the rest of us. Keep in mind that these are the same people who claimed that the world would end with the service of gay people. DADT was repealed almost eight years ago and seems to be uneventful. The Christians do not have a very good track record.

This subpoena in Karnoski v. Trump, requested by very aggressive LGBT activists, demands not only the information regarding the “transgender” policy for military service but wants all communications and documents regarding all public policies regarding “transgender” people, including medical treatment and anything referring to “transgender” people in general.

Very aggressive activists? The subpoena was requested by some very good lawyers. Lawyers who are far better schooled than anyone at Liberty Counsel. The objection is addressed to Jordan M. Heinz at Kirkland & Ellis. Heinz has an Ivy League (Penn) law degree and he is a partner at a very prestigious firm. I think that Staver’s folks are outgunned.

Just to put the cherry on top:

That demand is clearly unrelated to the lawsuit that is challenging only the transgender military policy and is astoundingly broad. It also includes every single document, email, and communication between Floyd and Perkins and the following: President Donald Trump, his office, Vice President Mike Pence, or his office, and any employee of the Department of Defense, which is the largest employer in the government and includes about 1.3 million active-duty soldiers.

Eventually a judge will decide what is pertinent. Yet Staver’s bluster is amusing. Just how much communication does an Arkansas preacher have with the White House and the Department of Defense? I am surprised that Floyd would want an unhinged hate group that loses most of its cases to represent him. It says something about Rev. Floyd.

As for the objection, the letter is signed by Horatio G. Mihet, Chief Litigation Counsel at Liberty Counsel. I am sure that Mr. Heinz will be very impressed. Mihet claims that the documents are privileged. What possible privilege could apply to communications with our government? Could that be Christian Privilege?

Mad Mat, if you are reading this. We have activists in your stairwells. We are hiding in your home. We have people in your attic and your basement. We even have an LGBT activist working at Liberty Counsel. We are everywhere and we won’t be satisfied with anything short of world domination.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.