The two hate group leaders, Mat Staver and Tony Perkins

Earlier today I wrote about the subpoenas that Liberty Counsel objects to in the transgender military service case, Karnoski v. Trump. Liberty Counsel is representing itself, another hate group — Family Research Council — and Arkansas preacher Ronnie Floyd in order to object to the subpoenas.

In a further display of angst, Tony Perkins and Mad Mat Staver gave interviews to CBN. CBN’s piece is titled: LGBT Activists ‘Harass and Bully’ Christian Leaders with Subpoenas, Including Tony Perkins. Oh the poor dears.

This is all just flatulence because Liberty Counsel has already sent objections. Objections to a third party subpoena put the subpoena on hold until a judge can rule on the matter or the two sides reach an agreement. So what the hell is all of this blather about? If a judge rules in favor of the plaintiff then they can feign outrage.

Mad Mat is first up:

“LGBT activists are abusing the legal system to harass and bully,” said Staver. “They began with nonprofit groups and now they are going after individual pastors and faith leaders.”

“These abusive tactics are far outside their legal authority,” he continued. “This subpoena is outrageous because it even requests ‘conversations’ on any topic related to LGBT issues. There is no legal basis for such a breathtakingly broad subpoena.”

Perkins’ turn to do the oppression tango:

“Let me be clear,” he wrote in a statement Wednesday. “The purpose of these subpoenas is not to resolve any constitutional questions. Their intent is clear – to intimidate FRC and our supporters from standing up for our military service members.”

“They also know that it takes significant time and resources to respond to subpoenas, scarce time and resources that we should be focusing on advancing faith, family, and freedom,” Perkins charged.

They” are lawyers with white-shoe firms who are representing the service men and women pro bono. Their only objective is to obtain a legal conclusion in their favor. They really don’t give a damn about the peripheral issues. The strategy seems to be to demonstrate that a conclusion from the RAND Corporation, after considerable research and study, to allow trans people to serve was overturned by a group of religious yahoos whose only objective is to keep their god happy.

I seems to be a very sensible strategy.

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By David Cary Hart

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