Hate group leader Brad Dacus has announced that his group, Pacific Justice Institute, is suing a school district and a high school in southwestern Oregon. Dacus’ client, known as T.B., was traumatized when a transgender boy used the bathroom while he was at the urinal. Traumatized mind you.

Dacus points out that the school has single-stall facilities. If T.B. is that sensitive then let him use that bathroom.

Allow me to explain the procedure. You enter the bathroom, approach the urinal to about a one-dick distance and unzip. You pull out your member, ready, aim and fire away. If there is a mint in the urinal I usually use that as a target. I have even been known to paint lazy arcs. When the stream has ended you give it a shake and return the equipment to its storage area. Zip. Wash. Exit. Where is the peril?

Just how far apart from the above is T.B.’s process? Maybe he needs better instructions or a diagram. The school’s glee club and marching band could stroll through the bathroom and no one dies. Is the fact that he is standing at the urinal a form of privacy that needs to be protected?

I assume that the trans boy is pre-op and used one of the stalls while T.B. was T.Pee. Just how troubling could this experience be? Just how neurotic is this kid? It’s high school.

A hate group is a hate group. It is required to misgender transgender people. That is part of the act:

The girl’s presence in the boys’ bathroom caused T.B. to feel tremendous anxiety. PJI is thus seeking both declaratory and injunctive relief that prohibit SSD and its officials, school administrators, and other employees from allowing such an intrusion ever again.

Then he has the balls to write this:

“This case isn’t about prejudice toward transgender people,” said Brad Dacus, PJI President. “It’s about privacy and personal dignity for all. It’s completely understandable that kids would feel uncomfortable having to undress, shower, or use the toilet or urinal around people of the opposite sex, and schools shouldn’t force them to do so.

Mr. Dacus is not terribly smart.

Just a guess. This is all pretense because T.B. has nutty conservative Christian parents. Unfortunately this was filed in state court (Douglas County) and getting a copy of the brief is cumbersome. Dacus probably wants to avoid the federal courts where he would probably get squashed like a bug hitting the windshield at 90-per.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.