If Ryan T. Anderson is still editing Witherspoon’s blog he requires adult supervision.

From the Facebook page of the Degenderettes

There is a new post on Witherspoon Institute’s blog titled: The Degenderettes: The Transgender Hate Group Taking Aim at Women by Julian Vigo. The lengthy subtitle reads:

The San Francisco Library has allowed a group of misogynist males to take over public space in order to promote violence against women as an art form. To some radical trans activists, “TERFs”— a slur for females who critique gender ideology—deserve to be murdered for denying that someone with a man’s body can really be a woman.

I have Googled this vitally important subject to death. I simply cannot find any instance of a murdered “TERF.” Strange as it may seem, I cannot find anything violent about the Degenderettes. Their minimalist website yields:

the Degenderettes

a friendly international feminist & genderqueer agitprop club* – now with a chapter near you!

Snark aside, very little effort is required to find transgender people who have been murdered.
But I digress. Or maybe I don’t.

I am not going to take much time with this. After all, she has already referred to “gender ideology” which is preposterous religious terminology. Gender is a scientific reality. The fact that, in a small number of people, gender and natal sex are incongruent is also a scientific reality documented in medical literature for about 75 years.

From what I can tell, a group of feminists in Canada is having a food fight with a group of transgender rights activists. The feminists write:

Transactivists are sending us threats to shut us up. They are doing this because the <sic> believe “the only terf is a dead terf” and to intimidate us into silence so we stop calling them on their bullshit.

The above quote is from February, 2017. It has been more than a year and no one seems to have died. This February, 2017 piece seems to be the source of some of Mr. Vigo’s wisdom.

There are some feminists who feel threatened by transgender women. I do not understand the threat. Nor do I understand what those feminists hope to achieve. No one ever volunteered to have gender dysphoria. Some of those individuals are utterly compelled to affirm their gender in order to live their lives. It’s not a choice in the true sense of the word.

Vigo writes:

Fundamentally, any woman who disagrees with the notion of an innate gender or gendered brain that exists independent of biological sex (concepts entirely unfounded by science) will be no-platformed and harassed online, and her employer may even be contacted.

Sorry Ms. Vigo but medical science is completely cognizant of the fact that gender and natal sex are two different constructs. Vigo is presumably trying to conform reality to scripture — an endeavor that always fails. Then there is this:

The trans lobby is fiercely trying to keep women’s voices from being heard, largely because this lobby is beneficial to a leftist political agenda.

That makes no sense at all. None. Nor does this:

These trans activists have created an Antifa-esque narrative aimed at anyone who disagrees with their fundamental proposition: that men too can be lesbians. It’s all part of the standard misogynistic repertoire so common in the transgender community.

The reason that makes no sense is that gender and sexual orientation are independent of each other. There are transgender women who are lesbians and there are transgender women who are heterosexual. There is no “standard misogynistic repertoire.” There is nothing misogynistic about transgender women.

Enough with this BS published to an ultra-conservative Catholic blog. Vigo’s self-authored mini-bio reads:

Julian Vigo is a scholar, filmmaker, artist, DJ, yogi, and activist who works on public space and performance, disappeared bodies, cultural violence, and social hypertrophy. She has been a professor at universities across the world where she has taught anthropology, comparative literature, performance studies, cultural studies, critical theory, philosophy of science, postmodernism, and gender studies.

When I used to review potential executive résumés, that would invariably be the description of a wannabe something who has accomplished nothing. “Yogi?”

Meanwhile, that group of San Francisco activists doesn’t pose a real threat to anyone. Throwing around the term “hate group” is irresponsible as they are not engaged in marginalizing a minority group. This is standard fare for Witherspoon. Anderson approved the submission because it is anti-transgender. Anderson and (presumably) Vigo have formed a bias because the Catholic Church does not approve of trans people because of a slavish devotion to irrelevant ancient chronicles. So what else is new?

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