Brian S. Brown

It sure didn’t take long for Brian S. Brown to generate a money-grub for National Organization for Marriage. Brown writes:

NOM played a significant role in this case, bringing critical public attention to Jack’s plight by producing informative videos, sponsoring rallies in front of the Supreme Court, working with the media, and filing a critical legal brief in support of religious liberty and the right of marriage supporters like Jack to be able to live out their religious beliefs about marriage at work and in their daily lives. We even launched an entire communications offensive, called the First Freedom Initiative, to bring attention to this case and others similar to it.

Significant? None of that had any bearing on the ruling. That critical legal brief was one of nearly 100 amicus briefs. Furthermore, Brown’s understanding of the ruling is far broader than reality. In essence, the ruling applies to Jack Phillips and only Jack Phillips. We will have to see how the Court handles similar cases in the future.

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By David Cary Hart

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