Doug Mainwaring
Self-detestation takes a toll
L-R: Doug Mainwaring circa 2012 and circa 2016

Doug Mainwaring might be coming to terms with the fact that his opposition helped to effect marriage equality. Propelled by self-hate, frustration and the presence of Pride Month, Mainwaring has authored an angry, poisonous anti-gay rant. Mainwaring lacks the introspection to understand that his tirade depicts how he feels about himself.

He is gay. The Church says he is “objectively disordered.” He knows better but he surrenders to the BS. He resides with his lesbian wife. He is miserable:

Let’s face it: The term “Pride Month” as used by gays is a euphemism, a ruse. June is more appropriately called “Sodomy Month,” because sodomy is the glue that holds the entire movement together and drives it forward. It’s the reason the LGBT acronym exists.

There are other non-euphemistic terms that accurately describe the many-faceted nature of Pride Month. June could easily be identified as:

  • Let’s Sexualize Children Month; 
  • Unravel the Biological Family Month; 
  • Abolish Gender Month; 
  • Eviscerate Fatherhood and Motherhood Month; 
  • Demolish Boyhood and Girlhood Month; 
  • End Religious Liberty Month; 
  • Institute Incremental Totalitarianism Month; 
  • Ridicule Religion Month. 

How about “Anti-Complementary, Anti-Conjugal Marriage Month?” That would be especially appropriate in America since gays observe the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’ ruling in favor of same-sex ‘marriage’ in June 2015.

Translation: We are proud of who we are. Mr. Mainwaring detests himself; and us.

Mainwaring defines the concept of the self-loathing gay. He is also a religious fanatic. Yeah, if he felt called upon he would gladly fly an airplane into a building to punish the nonbelievers.

You may recall that Mainwairing was Brian S. Brown’s puppy dog — campaigning as “the gay man who opposes gay marriage.” Brown schlepped Mainwaring from venue to venue where he made a fool of himself, often testifying futilely before state legislative committees.

Mainwaring helped to define opponents to marriage equality as religious zealots who think that their god does not approve. He unintentionally moved the needle in our direction. Keep in mind that, by the time of the ruling in Obergefell, only about a dozen states still did not recognize same-sex marriages.

When his lights go out, Mainwaring will likely die unhappy, frustrated and angry. He is a done deal. Unfortunately there are young gay men and women who are future Mainwarings. They might be participants in the Church’s Courage Ministry where they are shamed and degraded.

If there really is a god it seems unlikely that he would intentionally inflict this kind of damage on people. That bit of common sense eludes the Mainwarings of this world.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.