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Not relevant to the post but apparently Jews have a related agenda.
As a gay Jew it looks like I have much work to do.

The “Homosexual Agenda™” is a term coined by the Christian right to denigrate advocacy efforts on behalf of gay people. It is a close cousin to “special rights,” “gender confusion” and a range of other rhetorical devices that are intellectually dishonest. Most of those same Christians have now converted to “LGBT Agenda©” which is supposed to include the transgender people they disapprove of.

It is so hackneyed that most LGBT people find its use to be a source of sardonic amusement. But don’t try to tell that to Calvin Freiburger who might think that an agenda (other than equal protection and due process) might actually exist. Mr. Freiburger disapproves of gay people. Mr. Freiburger also disapproves of for being inclusive. He writes:

Amazon is among the many companies signaling their support for the homosexual agenda, by updating their Alexa smart speaker with a collection of special “facts” for LGBT Pride Month.

The internet-connected voice assistant device now offers more than 90 items on “queer history, politics, arts, and entertainment” in response to “Alexa, tell me a Pride fact,” Pink News reports. The move is the result of a collaboration between the company’s LGBT employee group Glamazon and the left-wing lobbying group Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

He got the agenda thing in. Perhaps “special facts” is the same thing as special rights when the word facts is in defensive quotes. Goes Calvin Freiburger think that there is a conspiracy to just make stuff up?

What makes Mr. Freiburger an even more fitting caricature of the religious yahoo is the fact that he even cares about any of this. No one is forcing anyone else to use Alexa for faact finding during Pride Month. Later on it gets worse:

Companies such as AT&T, Macy’s, JetBlue, Gap, Apple, Twitch, Stoli, and Spotify are among the many participating in Pride Month. Some, such as the clothing retailer J.Crew, are even marketing pro-LGBT merchandise to children as young as age two.

The bigots like to suggest that LGBT people pose some sort of threat to children. In this case those are “as young as age two.” When pressed they usually claim that we are indoctrinating children in order to normalize homosexuality. The intended inference, of course, is that we are going to cause some conservative Christian’s children to be gay or transgender because, as we all know, sexuality is an airborne contagion.

Then it’s back to the agenda:

President Donald Trump, despite making some pro-LGBT moves that have alarmed social conservatives, has chosen not to officially recognize LGBT Pride Month. His predecessor, Barack Obama, bathed the White House in rainbow lights as a show of support for the homosexual agenda.

That is because President Obama might have been the classiest guy to ever occupy the oval office. Meanwhile these hypocrites demonstrate approval of the Demented Orange Creature who is a proven sociopath and pathological liar. They disapprove of gays while approving a thoroughly self-absorbed thrice-married guy who has stiffed workers and small businesses three or four times with strategic bankruptcies and who lies, on average, six or seven times every single day.

And they wonder why they are objects of ridicule.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.