How does Mad Mat retain his license to practice law?

If hate group American Family Association is correct in repeating Mat Staver’s words then Staver should probably lose his law license. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel (also a hate group), is asserting that the order of a federal judge should be defied.

The story on American Family Association’s blog is titled: Legal advice: Don’t settle over suit, Gloucester:

Liberty Counsel attorney Mat Staver says Gloucester County Public Schools should refuse a judge’s order that it must reach a settlement with Gavin Grimm, a biological female (pictured above) who sued the school district in 2014 with help from the ACLU.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen ruled last month that the school district is guilty of “sex stereotyping” when it refused to allow Grimm access to the girls’ restroom, instructing her to use a nurse’s restroom instead.

Allen also ordered both sides to reach a settlement but Staver tells OneNewsNow there is a dubious legal reason for that demand.

“The reason why she’s wanted them to settle,” says Staver, “is she knows this particular ruling she has issued – this outrageous opinion she has crafted – will never stand up on appeal.”

Staver could be correct. On appeal there is the possibility that Judge Wright could be reversed. The lawful process is to request an injunction from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. To “refuse a judge’s order” is not an option. We are provided with yet another example of Christian privilege.

This is not the first time that Staver has done this. At one point in the Kim Davis saga he told Davis not to obey an order of the Court. Judge David Bunning chose to overlook the incident instead of disciplining Staver. That was probably a mistake.

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By David Cary Hart

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