Once again religious conservatives are promoting the smear that LGBT people pose a threat to children.

Drag queen Xochi Mochi entertaining some children

Some Minnesota parents are in terrible distress, in an uproar over … Come to think of it I don’t really understand why they are in hair-on-fire apoplexy — but I do know who ignited the blazes.

Around the country, Drag Queen Story Hour has become immensely popular; probably because it gets children interested in reading, learning and their library. As the New York Times explained in May, 2017:

This is Drag Queen Story Hour. The brainchild of the writer Michelle Tea and Radar Productions, it is exactly what it sounds like: drag queens reading stories to children. It began in San Francisco in December 2015 and spread to Brooklyn last summer, thanks to social media attention. “I saw a Facebook post about it,” said Rachel Aimee, the Drag Queen Story Hour coordinator for New York, “and as soon as I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, this is what I’ve been waiting for.’” … Subsequent library events were a huge success, bringing in hundreds of patrons and the news media.

Claire Chretien, one of LifeSiteNews’ trolls, writes: “Public library invites children to watch drag queens ‘strut their stuff’ this summer.”

A major Minnesota public library is hosting three “drag queen story hours” for “all ages” this summer, featuring performers from an event company that specializes in “drag brunches.”

The taxpayer-funded St. Paul Public Library is putting on these events as part of its anti-Trump inclusivity campaign. It has defended its plans to show little children the hyper-sexualized crossdressers at some of its locations.

Chretien’s intent is to promote the notion that LGBT people cause harm to children. She wants enough parents to confront the library in order to stop this event.

There is nothing sexual about drag queens. Drag queens are entertainers. It is an art-form with many varieties. The kids get it without explanation. Some adults are bewildered.

Milton Berle (“Uncle Miltie”) in drag circa 1960. Berle was enormously popular as family entertainment. No one claimed that he was corrupting children.

The only difference between Milton Berle and Xochi Mochi (top of the page) is that Xochi Mochi is presumed to be gay. The sexual orientation of the performer affects opinion. Homophobia becomes causation for upheaval. It never dawns on the homophobes that they might have an LGBT child because they are wed to the belief that it can be prevented through good parenting.

These same people have probably stopped (at least publicly) claiming that Jews murder Christian children in order to harvest their blood for rituals. The new version of this libel  involves others that they disapprove of: LGBT people. It is a tactic that has worked for thousands of years. Claim that kids are imperiled and the disfavored group is marginalized.

A number of parents told Alpha News they find the events disturbing, but none would go on the record.

Why would parents find this disturbing? Chretien does not provide a link. However a search reveals that the piece at Alpha News is attributed to “Alpha News Staff.” It is actually a re-distribution of an article at a conservative blog and nonprofit called Intellectual Takeout written by Jon Miltimore. Miltimore manages to be equally offensive and ignorant. It is safe to assume that he has a religious problem, or some basic insecurities.

Getting back to Ms. Chretien:

“In addition to Drag Story Hour, patrons can find a selection of staff-recommended materials on the library’s website for Pride, including a fun primer on drag culture with recommended DVDs, books, and online resources,” the library said in a press release about the event. It recommends 21 “great LGBTQIA” books for kids six and under in what it calls its “Rainbow Collection.”

The not too subtle implication is that we are recruiting children. We will cause otherwise heterosexual Christian kids to become gay which is all part of the Homosexual Agenda™. The idea that sexuality can be influenced is at the heart of conversion therapy. All this because of some scribbling in ancient scrolls.

Chretien believes all this nonsense and so does her constituency. The notion that LGBT people are a danger to children underpins discrimination and even public policy in some locales.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.