President Barrack Obama reminds us that, in contrast to his successor, some very decent people have occupied the Oval Office. Some of his critics are lacking in morality.

The anti-LGBT hate group, American Family Association, is extremely distressed that a public school in Virginia was renamed for President Obama. It had previously been named for Confederate General J.E,B. Stuart. The black guy replacing the Confederate “hero” is more than they can handle. AFA’s writer creates a tirade of anger that builds to a bigoted conclusion expressing their every grievance.

Never mind that Stuart was a traitor who fought to preserve slavery:

The school board’s decision comes in the wake of the attack on the South’s preservation of its Civil War history, which erupted last year in various locations across America.

Claiming that they are under attack, AFA is always part of a victimized group of people. Preserving history does not mean that we should be honoring military officers who committed treason. Preserving history does not mean that we should put on a pedestal people who thought that the ownership of other human beings was a privilege worth fighting and dying for.

History is preserved through accurate scholarship by disinterested historians.

AFA is incapable of separating history from idol worship. They are still fighting the Nawthun War of Aggression:

Stuart’s dynamic role in a number of the Civil War’s most significant battles will soon be forgotten when the school opens its gates to start the 2018 schoolyear [sic] as Barack Obama Elementary School.

The theme of this very lengthy post is that Southerners are being persecuted by AFA’s usual laundry list of enemies. This becomes glaringly obvious in AFA’s conclusion to their poorly written diatribe. AFA’s inherent racism, homophobia and general bigotry come shining through:

Conservative critics fear that schools adopting Obama’s name to replace Confederate generals opens the door to indoctrination up to th e [sic] former president’s politically correct, anti-white social justice worldview, as well as ushering in his ultra-leftist agenda promoting abortion, LGBTQ “rights,” immigration reform, climate change, gun control, pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli perspective, and anti-“Islamophobia” campaigns.

Michael F. Haverluck wrote that misspelled, grammatically challenged and incoherent paragraph (“indoctrination up to?”). AFA has been victimize because President Obama was “anti-white?” Calling a black man anti-white is an expression of racism. Social justice is anathema to American exceptionalism? Climate change is what? A hoax promoted by bad people? Gun safety is a Marxist plot to undermine American values? Targeting people because they are Muslims should be promoted?

In recent days some evangelical supporters of Donald Trump have vigorously defended the president by saying that Trump is president because he was appointed by God. Apparently that was not true when it came to President Obama who, in my opinion, had more class, elegance and intelligence on his very worst day than Donald Trump has ever mustered. I lack the eloquence to adequately describe the chasm that exists between Trump and Obama when it comes to integrity.

Surely the holier-than-thou hypocrites at AFA appreciate the differences in honesty, decency and kindness. They simply lack the virtue to vocalize the obvious contrast — as do most religious conservatives. History will not be kind to Donald Trump. Of course that will be “a liberal conspiracy to denigrate a great leader.” Just repairing our international standing and relationships will require decades of hard work. Where is AFA’s even marginal concern that Trump has nothing but praise for the world’s most odious dictator with the worst human rights record on the planet? It doesn’t require a psychologist to know that the explanation for this behavior is that Chairman Kim massaged Trump’s massive but fragile ego.

Somehow renaming a predominantly African-American public school for our first African-American president is a travesty. On the other hand the adoration of a North Korean tyrant goes unnoticed. According to AFA we are obligated to have great affection for turncoats who sought to undermine the very essence of American decency. American Family Association is making many choices that are antithetical to real American values. Their piousness is little more than a convenient disguise for contemptible immorality.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.