Katy Faust
Katy Faust

An observant reader brought this piece by Katy Faust to my attention. It is titled: You care about children at the border? Then you should care about the rights of all children. The outlet is Culture War Resource which is an Australian Christian site which coincides with some of Faust’s latest endeavors to ban same-sex marriage. The subtitle reads:

The same people outraged over separated migrant children, have no problem with surrogacy laws which also separate children.

I am not going to spend a great deal of time with this because the basic premise is spectacularly stupid. It makes a false equivalence.

It should be perfectly obvious (even to Faust of Ask the Bigot fame) that being separated from loving parents is different from surrogacy because there is no emotional connection to an unknown donor. Later on the child or adult might seek to know more about their origins but that is very different from the trauma suffered by already traumatized parents and children when they are separated by state police and then jailed far away from each other with limited or no opportunity for contact. The Demented Orange Creature is a sociopath.

It gets worse:

And yet I find it fascinating that those who have protested the loudest about the border policy, sharing images and audio of suffering children, are my friends on the Left. In particular, those who consider themselves “LGBT allies.” These are the very same people who cheered and pushed for both gay marriage (which weakens children’s rights) and laws that redefine parenthood excluding gender and biological connection as factors of the parent/child relationship.

Faust always claims to have friends on The Left. They might very well be imaginary. She remains the persistent opponent of marriage equality and that stridency forms the foundation for many of her views. Those two two links in the above paragraph are to self-serving misinformation that Faust has also written.

And even worse:

Rachel [Maddow] is a hypocrite. Maybe you are too.

Because, except in cases of abuse and neglect, it’s harmful to separate a child, any child, from their mother or father.


We know this becauseadopted children tend to fare worse than their peers raised by their biological parents. That’s true despite the fact that adoptive parents tend to be more highly educated, more wealthy, and have more stable marriages.

The notion that Rachel Maddow is a hypocrite because she cried over suffering children is absurd. Faust is claiming that we are all hypocrites unless we oppose surrogacy and same-sex parenting which is intellectually dishonest. They lack any relationship to the suffering that Trump has created. And we do not “know this” when it comes to adopted children.

Faust’s link to support the supposed disadvantage of adopted children is to a piece by W. Bradford Wilcox. You may recall that Wilcox, as a consultant for Witherspoon Institute, was the designer, or co-designer, of Mark Regnerus’ study which was intended to denigrate same-sex parenting as a means of opposing marriage equality. Witherspoon tasked Wilcox to make sure that Regnerus would deliver the result that Witherspoon paid for in advance of the Supreme Court’s deliberations on United States v. Windsor.

No credible scholar would have engaged in such an indisputable conflict of interest. That includes Dr. Regnerus and we all know how that worked out.

Additionally, every child raised by a gay couple has at least one adoptive parent. Study after study demonstrates that those kids do at least as well as their peers raised by mom and dad. Faust’s allies have failed to demonstrate anything to the contrary. Yet Faust repeats her mantra as gospel.

There is much more to Faust’s piece but I am done with this BS (I have better things to do). I think that it is deplorable to exploit the children traumatized by Trump’s immoral policy in an attempt to make a religious point. Doing so provides yet another reason to question Katy Faust’s morality. She should consider more carefully the fact that she is not denigrating a process or processes. She is disparaging people — Loving and devoted parents whom Faust has never met and knows nothing about. There are many things that Ms. Faust knows nothing about.

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By David Cary Hart

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