Brad Dacus

According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group:

At issue is Assembly Bill 2943, a measure that critics say would forbid counseling for people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity issues. Attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute explains that it would also make it illegal to hold a conference with individuals who have overcome and had victory regarding those struggles.

Pacific Justice Institute is also an anti-LGBT hate group. In brief, Dacus is full of crap. The bill now reads:

Advertising, offering for sale, or selling services constituting sexual orientation change efforts to an individual.

Obviously the conference is perfectly legal. If (contrary to Dacus’ description) it is used to promote a commercial transaction, the exchange of money for counseling services then it is illegal. Conservative Christians can offer conversion therapy all the live-long day as long as they are not charging their victims. They can even promote the false notion that conversion therapy works in spite of the conclusions of medical science.

Conversion therapy does not exist to help people. It exists to justify discrimination by religious conservatives. There is no research published to a respectable peer-reviewed academic journal to support conversion therapy. It is ineffective and possibly toxic.

“That is the agenda, and that is why we … are fighting this so diligently here on the West Coast,” the attorney tells OneNewsNow. “If it becomes law, you can be assured that Pacific Justice Institute will be challenging it in a federal court. We hope that we don’t have to do that, but that’s how serious of an assault this is on basic religious freedom and free speech and civil liberties.”

The Ninth Circuit has already ruled that the regulation of professional conduct is not a violation of the First Amendment. The Supreme Court declined review. This is a done deal but Dacus can merge a case with Mad Mat Staver who has also threatened to sue. Meanwhile I would not expect an injunction suspending the measure because this is settled law.

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By David Cary Hart

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