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The post from Doug Mainwaring is titled: Pedophiles put themselves under the LGBT umbrella in rebranding effort. The objective is to then claim that the LGBT community includes pedophiles. It does not. None of this story is accurate. Mainwaring has fallen for a hoax.

Doug Mainwaring is an openly gay man who chose to reunite with his wife (a lesbian) and obey Catholic doctrine. Something in Mainwaring’s makeup causes him to disparage LGBT people (particularly gay men). His rhetoric is worthy of any hate group. In fact Peter LaBarbera has referred to Mainwaring as his “good friend.” Mainwaring provides a paradigm of a self-loathing gay man. The Catholic Church says that Mainwaring is “objectively disordered” and he believes it.

The only difference between us and Mainwaring is that most of us have sex which the Church calls “intrinsically disordered.” A horny, self-loathing faggot is bound to be unhinged:

A pedophile group is trying to destigmatize pedophilia by calling themselves “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) rather than pedophiles.

Gay groups are up in arms because in the process the same pedophile group is claiming to be part of the LGBT community, even having gone so far as to create their own version of the rainbow flag for Gay Pride Month.

Notice that Mainwaring does not identify the group or provide a link. He later provides a link to The Prevention Projectwhich does, in fact, call pedophiles “Minor Attracted Persons.” It is a worthy endeavor. It provides academically designed support to prevent pedophiles from being child molesters (they are two different things). Pedophiles cannot be treated if they are unable to be open about their attractions. The project provides a safe space. The bottom line is that they will always be pedophiles but with support they can be prevented from offending.

Nor does Mainwaring disclose which gay groups are “up in arms.”

Nevertheless they are not L,G,B or T. “LGBT” cannot be found on their website. Nor is there any reference to “pride month” or some kind of flag. Is Mainwaring referring to another group? If so, does it really exist or is it a conservative Christian concoction to enable people like Mainwaring to denigrate LGBT people? “Clever” conservatives were behind “Drop the T.” We did not take the bait meaning that they weren’t clever after all. Shocking, I know.

In essence, the MAP group is attempting to re-hitch its wagon to the gay community, which, for the sake of political – and judicial – expediency, distanced themselves from the pedophile cause beginning a few decades ago.

For the last dozen years or so, the gay rights movement has focused the lion’s share of its energy on what appear to many to be conservative issues: winning same-sex marriage and the right to openly serve in the military.

There is a very small kernel of truth to the history. Allen Ginsberg, for example, was a member of NAMBLA and he was a gay rights pioneer. Ginsberg said “I joined NAMBLA in defense of free speech.” Nearly 40 years ago, Harry Hay (an early activist through the Mattachine Society) was protesting the exclusion of NAMBLA from the broader movement. This confirms the fact that, while hay was a member of NAMBLA, early on the gay rights movement excluded NAMBLA from participation for at least the last 40 years.

It is not “for the last dozen years or so” as Mr. Mainwaring asserts. In fact, there is no evidence that NAMBLA was ever part of the gay rights movement. In other words: What the fuck is Mainwaring talking about?

Yet the warm, fuzzy, family-oriented, “American as baseball and apple pie” picture of gay culture presented to the world by gay activists is a far cry from the movement’s origins in the 1960s and 70s when groups like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) were an integral part of their coalition.

Where is the evidence? Mainwaring does not state the source for his revelation. Even if that is true (Hay’s advocacy suggests otherwise) that was a half-century ago. What does that have to do with today’s LGBT movement? Zilch!

The deep roots of the gay movement were overtly anti-religious and anti-nuclear family, and pretty much reduced all human beings to nothing more than sexual objects. “Gay Liberation” was always about sexual liberation for all, no matter what age.

Rubbish! Gay liberation was about rejecting shame, political activism and what eventually became “gay pride.” It had nothing to do with sex. Gay liberation was a byproduct of the Stonewall Riots. The Gay Liberation Front was about sex but it only existed for about three years due to a lack of interest. Mainwaring would know this if he had more intellectual curiosity than wallpaper.

Softening criticism of pedophilia

The Prevention Network aims to rebrand pedophilia as a non-dangerous attribute of “Minor Attracted Persons,” who look but don’t touch, utilizing stories and testimonials to humanize would-be child molesters.

ThePreventionNetwork.org website declares that “everyone (including minor attracted persons or MAPs) deserves support.”

This imbecile cannot keep his links consistent with his descriptions. It is not ThePreventionNetwork.org. Rather it is ThePreventionProject.org which Mainwaring links to. Moreover, the project is not re-branding anything. It’s goal is to provide academically designed support to prevent pedophiles from being child molesters. There is nothing sinister about that agenda and it has nothing to do with LGBT people. As I said, it is a worthwhile enterprise.

Turns out that Mainwaring is partially parroting a piece in GayStarNews. He lacked the intellectual curiosity to look into it. Just because it is on a gay website doesn’t mean that it is universally adopted or even accurate. The author, Rafaella Gunz, offers no evidence.

Mainwaring and Gunz both display a Facebook post displaying a graphic of the following tweet:

I have no idea where she got this from. A reverse-image search on Google does not reveal a source, just reposts of the same bullshit. In my opinion, this is a hoax designed to denigrate LGBT people by linking them with pedophiles. By the way, that image is a bisexual flag. Mainwaring fell for the hoax because is smears LGBT people and he likes that because he hates himself for being gay.

Meanwhile, Mainwaring provides no evidence of anything — present day or historically. He is a piece of work who needs to get his ass to a real therapist. Priests, including those associated with the Courage Ministry, have fucked Mainwaring up, perhaps beyond repair and he appears to be miserable. You will recall that Mainwaring was Brian S. Brown’s poodle. He was going from place to place to testify that he was a gay man who opposes gay marriage. He is an insufferable schmuck who looks like he aged 20 years over the past six years.

I expect that other anti-LGBT groups will pick this up.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.