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Peter LaBarbera is advancing a mindless conspiracy theory

I have written about this before. Now it’s Peter LaBarbera advancing a hoax at American Family Association’s blog. This is just one of the reasons that AFA and LaBarbera’s org, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, are designated as hate groups by Southern Poverty Law Center. AFA’s polemic is titled: LGBTQ runs from adding MAP to alphabet soup. “MAP” is shorthand for Minor Attracted Person and none of this is true.

This meme involves The Prevention Project. It is a highly respected endeavor to prevent pedophiles from being child molesters. The program has been academically structured and it is based on science. Disparaging this organization to embarrass LGBT people is deplorable.

According to AFA:

Pedophiles are attempting to soften their image in hopes of being included under the “LGBT” banner.

For years pedophiles have been congregating online, insisting that there’s nothing wrong with their attraction to children as long as they don’t act on it – and even claiming victimhood.

Following behind the push to separate mental issues from transgenders, these same pedophiles adopted the label “Minor-Attracted Persons” hoping to shed a reputation that is both sick and sinful.

What pedophiles want to do is to separate themselves from child molesters. Those are two different things. There is no intention, whatsoever, to affiliate pedophiles with LGBT people. This also has absolutely nothing to do with transgender people and being a pedophile is neither sick nor sinful as long as they are not molesting children.

I am not trained in any counseling field. Nevertheless, it seems to this unqualified observer that there is a significant therapeutic value in not demonizing people who are attracted to children but who are not offenders. Porno Pete doesn’t care about any of that. His aim is to embarrass our community by creating a false equivalence.

Peter LaBarbera, who fights homosexual activism … says the homosexual movement is centered around recognizing “deviant identities” as normal.

“So why not the pedophiles?” he asks. “That’s the question.”

The Daily Caller reported this rebranding attempt in a July 9 story, linking to a homosexual news website, Gay Star News, that warns in its own story that “pedophiles are attempting to be part of the LGBTI community.”

The Gay Star News story itself linked to “The Prevention Project” that claims it exists to treat people who are attracted to minors.

Let’s take this one imbecility at a time. “Deviant identities” is a literalist conservative Christian point of view. In other words it is part of a belief system based on faith. The science (which is based on evidence) concludes that differences in sexual orientation and gender identity are natural variances in sexuality. Gender and sexual orientation are both continua,

The rhetorical question is intellectually mediocre even for Mr. LaBarbera’s diminished abilities. It is not a question because no one has posed it.

It might shock Mr. LaBarbera but GayStarNews, based in the UK, is neither inerrant nor representative of the community. I took the author of that story to task because she made assumptions that are not true.

This is a hoax! It originated with an article at Vice about the demise of NAMBLA and pedophiles living openly. Round and round it went through the Christianist echo chamber and a misguided individual at GayStarNews became a repeater. The intent of the hoax is to do precisely what the dim-witted LaBarbera is trying to do. He is linking the activities of consenting adults with child molesters while, at the same time, portraying pedophilia as a sexual orientation comparable to being gay.

According to AFA’s collection of village idiots without individual attribution:

The issue is making headlines around the world, too.

LifeSiteNews reports that a German medical student caused an uproar after defending pedophillia [sic] as an “unchangeable sexual orientation” in front of an audience at the University of Wurtzberg.

The supposed “uproar” is more manufactured nonsense. LifeSiteNews is an ultra-orthodox Catholic outlet with limited readership. Whether or not pedophilia (one L) is a sexual orientation is irrelevant to how gay people live their lives and the musings of a student are equally irrelevant. If some peer-reviewed research concludes the same thing it remains irrelevant to gay people. Personally, I think that student is wrong because the sexual orientation continuum has heterosexual and homosexual at the extreme ends. Age of attraction does not provide relevant intersects.

According to LaBarbera, it’s not inconceivable for the same movement that demands children can change their gender to also demand that children can choose the sexual behavior that they desire.

In other words, he tells OneNewsNow, the LGBT movement is not off the hook for this latest push for acceptance.

“There is a troubling history,” says Labarbera, “linking adult sex with minors – the tolerance of that – in the homosexual movement.”

Mr. LaBarbera should be more concerned about filing his tax returns and paying his personal income taxes. His group lost tax-exempt status more than three years ago. He is also confusing gender with natal sex and gender dysphoria does not depict a “change” in gender. There is no “push for acceptance” having anything to do with LGBT people. The LGBT community is not linked to adults having sex with minors.

These two organizations, AFA and AFTAH, must want to be designated as hate groups in perpetuity.

In fact, Harvey Milk, the late homosexual-rights pioneer, was fondled by grown men when he attended the Metropolitan Opera as a boy – a pattern of abuse described as cyclical and rampant by former homosexual Joseph Sciambra.

I am not inclined to discuss Mr. Sciambra (he is a piece of work). “Cyclical” is usually an economic term meaning recurrent in cycles. Moreover the opera story is nothing more than mythology. Part of this theme is to claim that most gay people are gay because they were molested by gay men as children. They, in turn, grow up and moles children. It is a variant of recruitment. It is another way of attempting dishonestly to link gays to child molestation.

More recently, Human Rights Campaign co-founder Terry Bean made headlines in 2014 when he and his “partner” were indicted for sodomy and sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.

Whatever Bean did it has nothing to do with the gay community just as some guy having sex with the baby sitter has nothing to do with heterosexuality. The kid, by the way, presented as an adult. LaBarbera is a tax cheat. That does not mean that all conservative Christians are tax cheats.

This entire stunt is odious. These people are intent on marginalizing — or attempting to marginalize — a minority group that they disapprove of. Their disapproval is based on a few lines of ancient text in chronicles that also say that the sun orbits Earth.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.