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LGBT people cause Amy Contrada of Mass Resistance “fame” to become hopelessly unhinged (I edited this photo to remove some graffiti)

These days, LifeSiteNews will regurgitate just about anything if it expresses a sufficient amount of LGBT hate. That includes: LGBT extremists have destroyed the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Boston by Amy Contrada. Contrada is affiliated with the vile hate group, Mass Resistance. Contrada seems to be a relatively intelligent person who has an extreme personality disorder. LGBT people cause Contrada to come unglued to the point of dementia.

Contrada writes:

In 1995, a remarkable 9-0 ruling was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court. A Catholic veterans’ group, organizers of the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston, were vindicated in their refusal to allow a homosexual activist group to march in their parade.…

That is somewhat correct but those organizers were not vindicated. Moreover, those “homosexual activist[s]” were Catholic people of Irish descent who happened to be gay.

Twenty-three years later, orthodox Boston Irish Catholics will no longer have the prominent public voice on St. Patrick’s Day. They’ve been elbowed out by secular celebrants of disordered sexuality.

South Boston has fallen. LGBTQ radicals have just seized complete control of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, with the director of a front group, OUTVETS, put in charge of the event.

The next parade is on March 19, 2019 which would be 24 years later and the evidence from the parade’s official website indicates that the Allied War Veterans are still in control:

What happened is that the Allied War Veterans have hired OUTVETS founder Bryan Bishop to plan the parade for 2019. Bishop told The Boston Globe: “They see me as a veteran who has organized large events and someone who is passionate about veterans.”

As for “disordered sexuality” I concede that Ms. Contrada knows a thing or two about disorders. Religious dogma is just that. Asserting it as fact is disingenuous. It has been clear since 2015 that the Boston public wants the parade open to LGBT people. The parade takes place on public property and at considerable taxpayer expense and inconvenience.

The shocking evolution of the parade from a celebration of Irish Catholic heritage to an overtly LGBTQ event should be a warning to those who advocate “inclusion” within their institutions. The infusion of LGBTQ sexuality will inevitably upend tried and true traditions and moral standards. We see this happening most clearly in our schools and churches.

This kind of hyperbole is one of the reasons that Mass Resistance has been designated a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center. The inclusion of LGBT people does not turn the parade into an “overtly LGBTQ event.” Did I mention that LGBT people cause this woman to become unhinged?

Furthermore, I was able to obtain the 2016 participation agreement from the Wayback machine. I uploaded it to Scribd for faster retrieval. It says nothing about being Irish or Catholic to participate. It is safe to say that a number of groups that are neither Irish nor Catholic participate in the event.

I am skipping past a fair amount of “woe is us.”

Another LGBTQ group, OUTVETS, marched in the 2015 parade, wearing rainbow patches and carrying a rainbow banner reading, Pride – Honor – Sacrifice. MassResistance reported, “By all accounts, OUTVETS is a contrived group of Boston city employees created in late 2014 by Mayor Marty Walsh specifically to be a homosexual ‘veterans’ presence in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.”

The war veterans council agreed, by a vote of 11 to 0, to invite OUTVETS to the parade with no restrictions on the display of the rainbow flag. As for being a “contrived group,” I do not even know what that means. The information that I have is that Bryan Bishop was the founder, not Mayor Walsh. Bryan Bishop is the Commissioner of Military Affairs and Veterans’ Services for the City of Somerville, MA (not Boston) and a 20 year Veteran of the Air Force. Contrada would know that with a bit of Googling.

Worse, Antifa-style riots were being planned to disrupt the 2017 parade if LGBTQ groups were not given full participation. No mainstream outlet reported on those threats of violence.

There are two links in that paragraph to Mass Resistance which does not provide any evidence to support their claim. LGBT groups have been uniformly nonviolent in spite of the violence done to them.

A former Veterans Council commander told MassResistance that the Boston police commissioner’s office had warned parade organizer Tim Duross.

That is not evidence. That is fourth-hand hearsay.

Sadly, the Boston Archdiocese never stepped in to corral the errant nominal Catholics (such as the Boston mayor). So leftist strong-arm tactics and threats of violence won once again.

That represents a deliberate confusion of causation and hypothetical correlation. It is utterly meaningless.

It’s not enough that LGBTQ groups overrun Boston during the month of June with their “pride” parades and orgies. Now they control another big parade in March.

“Orgies?” This woman really has a problem that requires some counseling. LGBT groups do not “overrun Boston” either.

The demise of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is just one example of how allowing LGBTQ individuals to openly serve in the U.S. military has opened doors for their activist interference in other social realms. If LGBTQ participation in the military is recognized as legitimate, who can refuse to recognize their inclusion in other settings?

That’s it. I’m done. There is no way to address batshit crazy. I cannot go any further.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.