Stacy Washington
Stacy Washington shilling for the NRA

American Family Association is an anti-LGBT hate group. The organization, under the leadership of Tim Wildmon, also hates Islam. Now the Tupelo, Mississippi group is opposed to an alliance of African-American churches testing Starbucks for racial bias. They explain:

Stacy Washington shilling for the NRA

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprising 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, plans to send 25,000 testers into Starbucks stores to test whether their training day for racial sensitivity had any effect whatsoever.

I think that is a splendid idea. It would not surprise me if Starbucks endorsed this initiative. Quality-management is not achieved through inspection alone. Quality management is achieved through training and evaluation. The folks at Starbucks probably realize that one day of training is insufficient.

Stacy Washington, co-chair of Project 21, a leadership group of conservative and free-market black Americans, is surprised this is a church initiative.

“We’re not called to look at each other as black Christians or white Christians,” she explains. “That’s now how God calls us to look at each other. We’re members of the same body; and those of us who are not a part of our Christian faith, they are potential Christians. They’re people for us to disciple. We’re supposed to be loving on these people.”

Ms. Washington has uttered a tossed platitude word salad. That makes no sense. NBCI is not engaging in a Christian activity. They are acting as a coalition of African-Americans. Is that not perfectly obvious? Not surprisingly, they double-dumb-down:

Washington argues that Starbucks brought this on itself by having the training day – and then orchestrating the subsequent PR effort through which people found out that it was mainly about “ginning up racial animus” between people and “making black people feel like victims.”

What on earth? When companies want a certain result — in this case the elimination of racial bias in their stores — they train their people. It is management 101. Has this young woman actually worked for a living?

Project 21 is a sub-group of Public Policy Research (about seven employees). They are also tobacco hacks, anti-gay agitators and were tied to Jack Abramoff. Last year their Justin Danhof got booed at a Starbucks shareholders’ meeting.

Continuing this misadventure with a quote from Washington:

“… A lot of the people in the training said they couldn’t believe the images they were seeing that were from 50 and 60 years ago of people being beaten during protests in the Civil Rights movement,” she says. “And that has nothing to do with whether or not people are allowed to use the bathroom in Starbucks if they haven’t purchased anything.”

How many is “a lot?” Now Washington presumes to be a training and organization-development expert. Let’s get her certified. Why is this woman so concerned with how Starbucks chooses to train its people? Furthermore, the historical perspective is most definitely applicable. I am quite certain that Starbucks employs a staff of training and development experts who do know what they are talking about.

AFA and this woman are dedicated to imbecility and the customary homophobia:

“And I’m sure the intentions are well [sic],” she continues. “The president of the National Black Church Initiative claims that he seeks to see that all of us are treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation – and that was my red flag because we [as Christians] are also not called to be seen as what type of sex a person prefers.

So, … … forget all the rest of what you said. Your complaint is Starbucks treating LGBT people with dignity? Maybe Washington can get a better paying job with AFA (she has a radio show on

“So this is just another example of a kind of misguided behavior with intentions that could be very, very good – but it’s being done in completely the wrong way.”

Training people is “misguided behavior?” Ms. Washington never tells us what the right way would be. That’s the end of the piece and she leaves me lost. By the way, this year Justin Danhof tried his BS with Johnson & Johnson. They said no. The SEC confirmed that J&J could exclude Danhof’s proposals. Lawyers at Gibson Dunn essentially called Danhof a crank.

Stacy Washington is in appropriate company.

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