“Transgender quality of life is largely up to us. How we treat trans people has an enormous impact on their happiness and self-satisfaction.”

Jerry Newcombe
In this video Jerry Newcombe is indulging in Christian Nation Mythology

Jerry Newcombe works for D. James Kennedy Ministries, an anti-LGBT hate group. Newcombe has the balls to write: A compassionate response to the transgender issue. I give him some measure of credit for treating the word transgender correctly, as an adjective. Beyond that I did not know that being transgender was an issue. Nor do I know who Newcombe is supposedly responding to.

I will begin our adventure in compassion with the second paragraph of Newcombe’s diatribe:

There are people who suffer with gender dysphoria – where they feel like a boy trapped in a girl’s body or vice versa. Our hearts go out to them. However, the Scriptures say that God has made human beings in His image. Male and female, He has made us. There are only two sexes. Only two genders.

In other words, Einstein sympathizes with gender dysphoric children. However, they are little perverts according to texts that are thousands of years old and of questionable provenance.

“The Scriptures” say all sorts of nutty things. For example π=3. It is actually 3.142. It is a small difference but in today’s world that difference would create an engineering catastrophe. Scripture doesn’t really address gender. In today’s world we know that gender and sex are two different things. What does scripture say, I wonder, about an inability to accept scientific facts based on evidence?

Nothing shout compassion like quoting from another hate group:

Dr. Felipe Vizcarrondo of the American College of Pediatricians once told me in an interview, “The overwhelming majority of children that have this confusion at a very young age – before age 10 – grow out of it and grow out of it spontaneously…by mid to late adolescence.” How many? “90-95 percent of kids.”

Dr. Vizcarrondo is in his eighties. The fact that he is associated with American College of Pediatricians (a small hate group not to be confused with the American Academy of Pediatrics) means that he prioritizes a belief system based on faith over medical science which is based on evidence. Dr. Vizcarrondo poses a danger to children and their parents.

The desistence rates that they toss around are Christian mythology. Even in that context, the range is 50% to 97%. However those numbers are irrelevant to transgender people. They are also based on old or inapplicable research. According to the science — as I explained yesterday — once children transition, the desistence rate is extremely low. I guess that I need to add the cautionary statement: That does not mean that you should prevent a child from transitioning if they are determined to do so.

I am still waiting for the supposedly compassionate response. Quoting Ryan T. Anderson ain’t it:

Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation and author of the book When Harry Became Sally says that initially people who get this surgery feel good about their new gender. But after about 10 years, they feel bad about it.

Anderson, a music major turned philosopher, is in no position to make that claim. He certainly hasn’t done peer-reviewed research. The purpose of his book is to defend the teachings of the Catholic Church no matter how deranged those teachings are.

Furthermore, how did we go from a pediatrician to surgery? Children are not candidates for gender affirming surgery until their late teens.

Nevertheless, the 2017 van de Grift study regarding happiness and quality of life six years after surgery demonstrates overwhelming satisfaction (94% to 100%). Those few who were dissatisfied were usually so because of complications (the surgery comes with risks). None, however, reported a desire to detransition.

Surely Newcombe cannot believe that bringing up Walt Heyer is compassionate but:

Walt lived as a woman for eight years. He was happy at first, but not later: “The devastation that occurred as a result of that is just beyond description: loss of family, loss of relationship with many of the people in my family, divorce, total financial loss. I was bankrupt, I was homeless for a while and then I began to realize that I needed to start dealing with the alcoholism.”

Mr Heyer makes a living now as the ex-transgender conservative Christian. The period that he is describing is 1983 to 1991. In other words it started 35 years ago. What Heyer is describing is regret due to minority stress. He wants to blame all his problems on being transgender but it was really the problems that others had with his gender identity. 35 years later, Heyer’s assertion is that, because of his experience, no one should be transgender. It is absurd to the extreme but that is how he makes a living.

I am still waiting for something compassionate. It’s not here either:

Walt notes that those who undergo the gender reassignment surgery are many times more likely to commit suicide than the general population: “41-50% of the transgender population will attempt suicide…. The surgery never can address the psychological and emotional issues that transgenders suffer from with their identity – it can’t do it because they’re depressed. You can’t cure depression with cutting off body parts or adding body parts or changing a body configuration.”

Walt is a crackpot who is confusing correlation with causation. Transgender people do have a higher suicide rate. Much higher. Being transgender is not easy. No one says it is. However based on the current research, children who transition have rates of depression and anxiety close to normal. That means that their potential for self-harm is much less if they socially transition and have parental support.

Mr. Newcombe will not assume any responsibility. Transgender quality of life is largely up to us. How we treat trans people has an enormous impact on their happiness and self-satisfaction. It is our responsibility to treat them as people in contrast to transgender people.

Jerry Newcombe wants to posture as a compassionate Christian. “Love thy neighbor …” and so on. However, Newcombe and the hate group he works for are toxic to people with gender dysphoria and transgender people. Regurgitating the same nonsensical crap that all the other hate groups spout only increases minority stress.

Indifference to medical science results in ignorance. Using that ignorance to marginalize a minority group provides an example of hate and bigotry. It should be unacceptable in a civil society. Sadly, that is not always the case and transgender people are especially vulnerable.

The sun does not orbit earth. The firmament is not a solid roof over the world. Darwin is the basis of natural science today and Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Transgender people actually exist! They just need the rest of us to be kind. How hard is that?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.