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Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times polemicist, seems to worship Alex Jones as her hero. Apparently spreading misinformation and baseless conspiracy theories among gullible imbeciles is heroic. But there is more. Chumley writes:

Alex Jones of Infowars has been booted from YouTube, Apple, Spotify and Facebook for what the tech giants consider his rampant hate speech.

And with that, Jones has become the face of the censorship fight.

He’s well on his way to becoming a martyr — meaning, many of those who don’t even like his content or appreciate his style are gearing up, nevertheless, to defend his right to speak on these social media stations.

There is no fight and Jones has not been censored (censorship ordinarily applies to actions of the state). Private companies have every right to define and enforce an acceptable use policy. I cannot post LGBT advocacy pieces to Stormfront. Jones does not have a “right to speak” in any private venue.

I don’t know who Chumley thinks these new supporters of Alex Jones are. Who, for example, could excuse the harm that Alex Jones has done to the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? No one should be capitalizing on the death of a child by victimizing — again — the parents of that child. Rules for civility and common decency don’t apply to Mr. Jones. If he has been excluded from speaking in polite society, he has only himself to blame.

Jones’ enterprise is not a nonprofit endeavor. He makes preposterous claims in order to sell supplements and other junk; goods that his listeners are willing to overpay for. Alex Jones will say (and has said) just about anything to put money in his pocket.

Chumley repeats herself:

This seems counterproductive to those who would silence him, yes? Google “Jones” and what appears is a page filled with Alex Jones news. It’s not just free advertising for Infowars; it’s turning Jones himself into the cause celebre of the conservatives’ censorship fight.

Jones speaks for conservatives? None of the conservatives I know. Call me an elite but Jones’ audience is not exactly comprised of our best educated, most informed and brightest citizens. And again, he has not been censored. There is no fight. There is nothing that can compel any private company to provide Jones with a platform. Google search results are irrelevant to the issue.

My only surprise is that Twitter has not gotten around to banning Jones.

The Washington Times (AKA The Moonie Daily) employs Ms. Chumley to voice just this sort of idiocy. Idolizing Alex Jones demonstrates a great deal about Cheryl K. Chumley and her outlet. The Washington Times, after all, is owned by a toxic cult.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.