It’s a fucking miracle!

Jeffrey McCall

According to Jessilyn Justice: From Transgender to Transformed: How the Holy Spirit Broke the LGBT Lies That Bound This Man. Sure.

Call me a cynic but I expect to see more of these. People who claim to be ex-[fill in the blank] tend to have an economic interest in claiming to be ex-[fill in the blank]. They join the anti-LGBT circuit (or should I say circus), they pen books and they collect speaking fees (and they don’t pay their taxes).

The last time McCall came to my attention, he was in Franklin Springs, GA. McCall’s “For Such a Time Ministry” is not registered as an entity with the Georgia secretary of state. Indeed, no entity with Jeffrey McCall as an officer or registered agent is known to the Georgia secretary of state. He has a Facebook page. did resolve to McCall’s website. That is no longer the case. The site is dead. Getting back to Ms. Justice:

He founded the Freedom March movement, which gathers people who have left exchanged their LGBT chains for the peace of Christ and march in cities around the country to tell people that hope is possible. He also leads For Such a Time Ministry.

McCall knows firsthand how painful the bondage can be.

Though he grew up in church, McCall left the faith of his family for drugs and homosexuality. Eventually, he changed gender.

“The enemy started attacking me with the feelings, saying, ‘[You’ve] always felt more like a woman, maybe [you were] born in the wrong body. Maybe you were supposed to be a woman, but you were born as a male,'” McCall says.

But just before a surgeon permanently altered his body, McCall says he had a radical supernatural experience that changed his life.

McCall did organize the Freedom March. As Hemant Mehta noted at the time, “Tens of People Show[ed] Up. Maybe even that was hyperbolic. Mr. McCall is not much of an organizer.

May, 2018: Freedom March in Washington, DC was something short of a raging success

“The Enemy” is shorthand for The Devil. Go figure.

Jeffrey McCall

McCall would be relatively harmless but the above picture on Facebook says otherwise. I don’t know if that kid is LGBT. I hope that he is not.

Medical science is fairly universal in its condemnation of conversion therapy. It does not work and it is potentially toxic. There is no magic bullet. The pronouncement that someone prayed his way out of being transgender means that someone is a con artist seeking attention and money.

I do not know what McCall does for a living. His Freedom March was a complete bust. Ms. Justice is incorrect about a national movement. The only event posted to McCall’s Facebook page was the DC march (pictured above). McCall is one of a handful of people who claim that sexuality is; a) a choice and; b) changeable through religion (usually Christianity).

The “change” proposition though conversion therapy or prayer gets mainline support from religious leaders. Not because it helps anyone but because it is used to justify discrimination and persecution. It is used by hate groups to oppose nondiscrimination laws. According to them, sexuality is a choice which does not warrant those who chose their sexuality to be a protected class.

I am a fan of Occam’s razor. When there are competing hypotheses to explain something, the simpler one is usually the correct one. If, just for the moment, I believe that there is a deity then the simpler explanation is that s/he created LGBT people just the way they are. A disorganized loser and wannabe like Mr. McCall is less likely to be an agent of the deity put on this earth to convert people to heterosexual and cisgender. My moment has just expired.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.