“It is another way of saying that transgender people (who are not drag queens and vice versa) have some evil influence over young children. It is anti-LGBT bigotry.”

Robert P. George and Elizabeth Johnston exporting some paranoia and anti-LGBT bigotry

Princeton Professor and Defender of the Faith™ Robert P. George has been relatively quiet on LGBT issues lately (Trump consumes a great deal of oxygen). George reemerges at CBN, along with professional douchebag Elizabeth Johnston, the so-called “Activist Mommy.” Johnston is an idiot savant. Her self-promotion is an island of genius amid a sea of abysmal stupidity.

According to CBN, regarding Drag Queen Story Hour:

Dangerous Defying of Gender Norms

Princeton professor Robert P. George told CBN News that it’s dangerous to use the state to promote ideas that defy normal ideas about gender.

“It’s a message about power,” explained George. “The group in question, the so-called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, is sending a message that they have the power to enter into the public domain, a publicly funded institution, I believe, not a private one, and to essentially hold a catechism class for this new religion that they’ve created, a religion of hedonism, of self-indulgence, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, say a religion of licentiousness.

Milton Berle

Dr. George should be better than this. Once again George is asserting that LGBT people pose a danger to children. Drag queens are entertainers. The kids get it. Robert George does not. More than 50 years ago Milton Berle did the exact same thing on prime time television in what was considered family entertainment. No one thought that he was advancing a sinister agenda. Indeed, President Trump’s current lawyer was famous for dressing in drag. No one accused Rudy of posing a threat to children.

Drag Queen Story Hour
Rudy Giuliani (left) telling Donald Trump a story circa 2000

The difference is the emergence of transgender people who have become more visible. While they certainly do not pose a danger to children they seem to pose a danger to conservative Christianity. Drag Queen Story Hour provides a contrived opportunity to bash trans folks by religious conservatives who are unable to differentiate drag queens from transgender people.

This is not about power, as George posits, and it is beyond idiotic to suggest that that the performers have created a religion. Simply stated, this is about encouraging kids to read. I would expect a professional educator like Dr. George to know better.

Enter Elizabeth Johnston who has the intellect of a geranium:

“Gender Insanity”

Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy, calls the issue surrounding gender confusion, ‘gender insanity.’

“Moms and daughters transitioning to the opposite sex together,” she says in a video on her Facebook page. “We’ve got guys going into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms and drag queens are reading stories to children in public libraries, thereby normalizing this behavior of men dressing up in high heels, a wig, a bra, and copious amounts of makeup.

She continues, “Whatever happened to puppet shows and craft day at the library?”

Actually for religious reasons Johnston calls gender dysphoria “gender confusion.” She then claims that gender confusion is “gender insanity.” Apparently she knows more than men and women who have countless years of medical and scientific training.

Christian doctrine prevails over science. Little wonder how she feels about Darwin.

I have no idea what she is talking about with regard to moms and daughters transitioning together. Anything is possible.

“Normalizing this behavior” is re-tooled “normalizing homosexuality.” These are arguments from ignorance. The “thinking” goes that if you make it acceptable, kids will do it which is further based on the preposterous notion that sexuality is a choice which contradicts a massive abundance of peer-reviewed research. Is that a run-on sentence?

According to Johnston’s “logic,” the presence of Drag Queen Story Hour precludes a library from other events. Johnston is also utterly confused between drag queens and the transgender people she is accustomed to denigrating with the same nonsensical language.

The New York Times explained in 2017:

This is Drag Queen Story Hour. The brainchild of the writer Michelle Tea and Radar Productions, it is exactly what it sounds like: drag queens reading stories to children. It began in San Francisco in December 2015 and spread to Brooklyn last summer, thanks to social media attention. “I saw a Facebook post about it,” said Rachel Aimee, the Drag Queen Story Hour coordinator for New York, “and as soon as I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, this is what I’ve been waiting for.’” … Subsequent library events were a huge success, bringing in hundreds of patrons and the news media.

Everyone wins and kids have more interest in reading. Backward fools like Robby George and Elizabeth Johnston are entitled to their opinions which are based on religious dogma. “Normalizing” religious doctrine as public policy is dangerous to our society.

CBN has titled their story: ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call ‘Gender Insanity.’. They are merely regurgitating Elizabeth Johnston’s idiocy. It is another way of saying that transgender people (who are not drag queens and vice versa) have some evil influence over young children. It is anti-LGBT bigotry.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.