David Barton
David Barton: Pseudo-historian, Christian nationalist
and Republican operative

Friday, David Barton has written an invite to David Lane’s next event in California. We will get to Barton’s text but first:

David Barton is a GOP operative, pseudo-historian (Christian revisionist) and Christian nationalist. He has no credentials to support his claims of being an historian, Warren Throckmorton takes particular delight in unraveling some of Barton’s BS. Barton is an anti-LGBT bigot.

David Lane is a shady GOP operative whose funding is “washed” through the hate group American Family Association. (Lane is guilty of tax fraud) His objective is to turn the United States into a theocracy. His umbrella organization is the American Renewal Project incorporated in Mississippi. ARP is not federally tax-exempt. Lane resides in California. He is an anti-LGBT bigot.

The events are designed to first interest pastors in running for office and then to train them how to do it. Typically pastors and their spouses receive free hotel and food over the two days.

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According to Mr. Barton:

As Americans, we all know that the First Amendment to our Constitution secures our freedom of religion and our freedom of speech. In today’s America, sometimes it seems as if our essential freedoms of religion and speech are being infringed upon; certainly tested.

It also says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion which directly contradicts Barton’s and Lane’s intentions. At times  Barton has claimed that the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause only pertains to Christians. He also claims that the separation of church and state is a myth.

Later on in the invite:

If California is to be saved, Biblical values must be returned and embraced in the public square, and that’s the job of all of us in leadership. I encourage you to get more information on these events…

In Christian tradition “saved” first means that California is in need of rescue. The rescue is then achieved by the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. “Biblical values” are Barton’s Christian version of Sharia law. What Barton means by “embraced in the public square” is more complex.

Conservative Christians (generally) believe that the public square is the most important place in the world. It is there that society determines who it will be and how it will be governed. The public square is where issues are resolved — not in the courts or legislatures. Therefore, what Barton means — what these pastors hear — is that biblical values should be embraced as public policy.

The key speakers at the Orange County event are Dennis Prager and Newt Gingrich (it looks like through video). Prager is Jewish. He should be ashamed of himself. His entire audience, including David Lane and Davis Barton, believe that America is a Christian nation and that Prager is destined to Hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Newt Gingrich has no shame. He is essentially promoting his books and DVDs.

Ultimately Barton is waving the flag while thumping a Bible. Barton’s version of America is not what it is and certainly not what our founders intended it to be. His version is what he wants it to be and it is up to us to prevent that from ever happening. We are a secular nation and The United States of America should stay that way.

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By David Cary Hart

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