I wonder if BitChute knows that their platform is being utilized by a hate group. Well, they do now. But I digress.

I suppose that someone had to provide a platform for Robert Oscar Lopez to exhibit the full depth and impressive range of his personality disorder. If you find that amusing then you will like this video. Even if you are not amused, at about 35 seconds into the video “Bobby” inexplicably dances.

According to MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group:

It’s edgy. It’s culture warfare. (And it’s not posted on YouTube, so it won’t be taken down by some snotty Google liberal!)

They are correct in that hate groups are generally unwelcome at YouTube. For that matter, the Klan, neo-Nazis and groups like MassResistance are generally unwelcome in polite society. I am going to guess that BitChute won’t care.

Our first series is Save Our Churches, featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, director of Texas-MassResistance. He is also an ex-homosexual, so he is particularly disturbed that barely anyone is sounding the alarm about the rapid infiltration of the LGBT movement (and other radical movements) into virtually all the major Christian denominations – and even a major Orthodox Jewish yeshiva. “The spiritual warfare is so vicious and complicated,” he said, “and somebody has to talk about it.”

The hate group leader, Brian Camenker, is Jewish (much to my personal embarrassment). I am sure that evangelical Christians, the usual consumers of this nonsense, will be impressed that Camenker is concerned for the welfare of their churches.


While I am at it, this appears on MassResistance’s website:

In point of fact, they had nothing to do with the temporary failure of the measure which will be revived in January. Both houses of the state legislature approved the bill with solid majorities. They simply ran out of time in the current session to reconcile technical differences.

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By David Cary Hart

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