Jamel Myles
Jamel Myles

CBN News asks what for them is a rhetorical question: Why Would a 9-Year-Old Come Out as Gay and Take His Own Life? A Closer Look at the Jamel Myles Tragedy. The simple answer to the question is that the kid was bullied after he came out as gay. I too want to take a “closer look” at this tragedy. But first:

Chad Felix Greene, a senior contributor to The Federalist, says cultural pressures are partly to blame.

“LGBT has been intensely focused on sexuality and gender identity in children as a way to prevent the same types of adolescent and teenage anxiety they experienced,” Greene told CBN News.

“Unfortunately, they have pushed beyond mere openness about gay people to advocating identity early,” he explained. “Kids learn about sexuality and gender identity as options, see LGBT kids celebrated as brave on TV and find they are given special attention.”

“Kids do not have the chance to explore and grow,” he added. “They are pressured to adopt an identity and feel it defines who they are.”

Chad Felix Greene is the Federalist’s house faggot. I stopped writing about Greene who, by the way, is a big fan of Mike Cernovich of Pizzagate fame, because he is simply not worth my time.

His comments regarding Jamel Myles make no sense at all. That is too charitable. His comments are spectacularly stupid.

In the first paragraph Greene claims that Jamel was influenced by adults with an agenda (presumably those ubiquitous gay activists). In the second paragraph he is claiming that Jamel perceived his sexual orientation as an “option.” In the third paragraph he is claiming that Jamel was “pressured” (perhaps by those same activists) to come out as gay.

Overall, Greene is claiming that Jamel took his life because he made a bad decision — influenced by activists and media — to come out as gay or, perhaps, just to be gay. Aside from being nonsensical and sidestepping the real issue of bullying, there is not a shred of evidence to support any of Greene’s pretentious conclusions. Pretentious because Mr. Greene believes that he is a great deal more intelligent than he really is.

Dim bulbs are often the most certain. There isn’t a single instance of “might be,” “seemingly” or any hedging at all. Greene is absent evidence and also absent direct knowledge. He never met Jamel and probably never spoke with his mother. Yet he is certain or at least he claims to be.

Greene fits right in with a homophobic conservative Christian site because Chad Felix Greene doesn’t like himself very much and that is supported by ample evidence.

For CBN things deteriorate further from there as they go to hate group leader Michelle Cretella (American College of Pediatricians):

Dr. Cretella says of the issue of same-sex attractions, “Breaking free of sex-stereotyped behaviors and self-declaration does not mean that a child is LGBT.”

She highlighted the findings of a 2002 landmark study that established that children are not born gay.

“The short answer to the question of can children know they are homosexual is – no. No one is born LGBT and same-sex attractions are not enduring for over two-thirds of children.”

A recent study by Brown University on transgender youth follows the path that kids are often influenced when it comes to sexuality. The study found that social media and friends can influence teens to change their gender identity.

Cretella’s mission in life is to defend the catechism of the Catholic Church. She, like Ryan T. Anderson and others, asserts that everyone is born heterosexual and cisgender.

The lead investigator of that 2002 study she is fond of citing was Peter S. Bearman at Columbia. Bearman is an exceptionally smart sociologist. Overall they studied nearly 800 twin pairs. They concluded that their data “does not suggest genetic influence independent of social context” which does not rule out genetics as a factor.

Eight years later, a Swedish team studied nearly 8,000 sets of twins. They concluded that sexual orientation is both genetic and environmental which is the current view of the American Psychological Association.

But let us say that Brearman’s 2002 study is the more compelling. The doesn’t form an hypothesis of how to raise heterosexual children or how to turn the gay ones straight. Cretella wants people to believe that gay is curable in order to conform science to scripture. She is also an advocate of conversion therapy. There exists no evidence that conversion therapy is effective. There is no evidence to support the contention that conversion therapy does no harm.

According to Cretella, “same-sex attractions are not enduring for over two-thirds of children.” Where is the evidence of that absurd claim? I was going to question whose ass she pulled that from but that would have been sophomoric and undignified.

As for that Brown University study that Cretella cites, it is published to a substandard journal with inadequate peer review and sampling that would never survive real peer review. It also has no bearing on the suicide of a gay kid. This will now be a part of Cretella’s anti-LGBT inventory which she will recite at every opportunity.

Returning to the effervescent Mr. Greene:

“I first expressed my curiosity about other boys, male athletes, etc. with my dad when he tried to have ‘the talk’ with me when I was 10,” explained Greene. “He asked me if I liked girls yet and I innocently told him that I liked boys, confused by his growing concern. That made me even more curious to figure out what the big deal was.”

Greene is claiming that his father is to blame for his being gay. It gets more repulsive:

“There has to be a balance. Telling a child, they are something specific and different from other kids creates an intense focus or insecurity over being that thing. I think if my dad had just told me not to worry so much and we would talk about it more when I was older may have distracted me from becoming fixated on why I felt differently than other kids.

Again with the blame. More evidence that Mr. Greene is profoundly unhappy and self-loathing. Later on:

This child’s unique and unimaginable tragedy should not be exploited for a larger social message. His mother was trying to be supportive of the way she believed was best, just as she has been encouraged for doing. It’s no one’s fault. But there has to be something we aren’t seeing with this story.

If Greene spoke with Jamel’s mother he probably would have mentioned that. He has no idea what she believed or whether she was “encouraged.” Then there is that “but.” It must be a conspiracy. Remember that Greene is a big fan of Cernovich.

The bottom line from both of these nitwits is that the child killed himself because he was gay. The admonishment to parents is to not allow your children to be gay or dissuade them from being gay. Demonstrate disapproval because the blood-letting is insufficient?

But let’s take a closer look. I take the mother at her word that this was caused by bullying. Moreover, Occam’s razor prevails. When there are competing hypotheses, the simpler explanation is usually the correct explanation. Bullying is clearly simpler than all of the gibberish from Greene and Cretella.

what really requires close examination is the role of the school where the bullying took place. There are two possibilities: Either school administrators and teachers were unaware that Jamel was being bullied or they were aware of the bullying and failed to take the necessary corrective action to stop it. Either way they were negligent. Furthermore, did Jamel seek help from school personnel? I have more questions than answers.

There is no reason that an LGBT child cannot be perfectly safe in school. This was in Denver, not rural Alabama and that raises the ante. Just how pervasive is school bullying? I cannot blame nine-year-olds but somewhere along the line some parents are responsible for creating bullies. Parents are responsible for their children not respecting LGBT classmates.

Parents who listen to people like Michelle Cretella or Chad Felix Greene are likely to be homophobic and transphobic in the true sense of those words. Cretella and Greene would have people believe that sexuality can be influenced by other children. What message gets communicated to the children of parents who think like that? If kids are taught to fear LGBT classmates what is the probability that fear turns into aggression?

We know that LGBT kids are more vulnerable than their peers. What does it say about us as a society when an LGBT child is not sufficiently protected? For that matter, what does it say about conservative Christians who would traffic in this bullshit?

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By David Cary Hart

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