This image appears on a press release from Christopher Doyle for Voice of the Voiceless. The source of the photo is Bethel Church in Redding California and includes some Bethel personnel. Bethel Church is a cult.

The comparison of ex-gay religious zealots to Klansmen is not hyperbolic. According to LifeSiteNews’ Calvin Freiburger: Former homosexuals urge California Dems to give them a voice on reparative therapy ban. On Friday, Mr. Freiburger writes:

A group dedicated to representing those who struggle with and have overcome homosexual attractions is warning California Assemblyman Evan Low not to ignore those who left the homosexual lifestyle when attempting to revive his ill-fated ban on reparative (“conversion”) therapy next year.

I have written it all before. There is no research attesting to the efficacy and safety of conversion therapy. Peddling conversion therapy perpetuates the myth that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be cured. Furthermore, a sexual orientation that some Christians disapprove of is not a “lifestyle.” That notion is not only ridiculous but hateful.

According to the American Psychological Association conversion therapy might teach some people how to pretend to be straight. California Assemblymember Evan Low had it right: Conversion therapy is consumer fraud.

Later on:

But while various Christian groups thanked Low for listening to dissenting constituents, Low still intends to attempt a different version of the bill next year. Voice of the Voiceless says that now is the time to hold him to his pledge to listen to everyone.

“I don’t see any evidence of Low traveling up and down the state. Could he please elaborate?” the group’s president, Daren Mehl, asked in a press release. “Please publish your agenda, the locations, and the people you met with. Why didn’t you post any of these meetings or summaries of the discussions you had on social media? Which faith leaders?”

Mr. Mehl is proudly an ex-ex-ex-gay. Mehl was gay then ex-gay then gay again and now ex-gay again … and we are supposed to presume that he is credible. Assemblymember Low is under no obligations to converse with crackpots. When state legislators offer measures to curb racial profiling they don’t reach out to the local Klan chapter. Yes, I am making that comparison for which I take full responsibility.

That press release was authored by Christopher Doyle. Quoting Mehl again:

I’m not sure Low is in a place that he is willing to learn from our former homosexual community of Christians. The vacuum left by his pride is preventing an entire community from participating in conversations. For example, he has not mentioned once, anywhere, about the formers in the “once gay” community. Until all of our issues with this bill are addressed and the narrative around “conversion therapy” is cleaned up from being the straw-man it is, his efforts will always lead to a weak piece of legislation, one that strong arms people into his own LGBT community identity and lifestyle choices.

Yes, Mr. Mehl referred to homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice.” To suggest that these people are any more dignified, civil or informed than the Klan would be a mistake. Religious zealots do not obtain a societal pass because they are religious. Any Klansman will proudly claim to be a conservative Christian.

I suspect that Low is working with counsel on bullet-proofing a comparable bill which will be introduced in the next session. So-called ex-gays are irrelevant to the process. Ex-gay groups are hate groups! They peddle a bigoted lie.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.