It is bigotry that should be “X” rated.

Western civilization has come to an abrupt demise due to a gay cartoon kiss. According to one Calvin Freiburger: Cartoon Network promotes LGBT agenda with lesbian kiss in kids show ‘Adventure Time’. The implication is that gay people are unsuitable in the presence children. Three possibilities come to mind. They are not mutually exclusive:

  1. Positive images of gay people will turn kids gay.
  2. Positive images of gay people make it more difficult to advance discrimination.
  3. Positive images of gay people suggest that they are the equal of straight people.

The first of those is scientifically preposterous but people allow their superstitions to prevail over evidence and even common sense. The second and third seem more likely. According to the dogma of the Catholic Church, gay people are disordered and must be celibate in order to go to heaven when they die. Most gay people will take their chances.

Lost on Mr. Freiburger is just how idiotic this all sounds:

Last week, Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time became the latest example of mainstream American animation presenting homosexual attraction to young audiences, highlighting a trend that appears to be accelerating.

Premiering in 2010, Adventure Time is a fantasy adventure series mixing humor and drama in a surreal setting. The September 3 series finale featured a scene in which two female characters, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum, confirmed years of hints and fan speculation that they were lesbian by kissing each other on the lips.

Was Princess Bubblegum wearing a strap-on? Seriously, they are not having sex. Presumably Mr. Freiburger realizes that gay people do exist and that the overwhelming majority seek to experience the same love and affection that straight people enjoy.

Freiburger’s attitude (reflecting Church teachings) is pernicious — not the kiss. We are not entitled to such happiness because ancient texts, thousands of years old, absent respectable provenance and translated back and forth countless times, are supposedly disapproving of gay people. Religion does not excuse this kind of bigotry any more than it excuses “honor” killings.

Overall, bigots (usually inspired by religion) tend to have one thing in common. They claim that gay people pose a threat to children. It defines hate and it is irrational. Freiburger goes on to complain about a whole host of “insults.” Then:

Notably, several of the aforementioned examples were held until the end of a series’ run, suggesting that creators wanted to time the LGBT content for when offended parents could no longer affect the show’s ratings.

It’s a conspiracy! Why would a parent be offended? Suppose their kid turns out to be gay. Then what? Consult with Michelle Cretella over conversion therapy? Some priest who might have a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side (50% are unfaithful)?

Let’s explore what a gamer thinks:

[William] Usher pointed out that celebratory LGBT moments should particularly concern parents in light of Lisa Littman’s recent study, which Usher summarized as finding that “a lot of teens who claim to suffer from gender-dysphoria are just following peer-pressure trends from the Social Justice Warrior-occupied areas of social media.”

Ah, yes. The contagion theory. Littman’s “study” is bullshit. What this guy is saying is that gender dysphoria is contagious (it is not) hence sexual orientation is contagious (it is not).

Ultimately, the latest developments from the likes of Adventure Time and Voltron seem to vindicate Focus on the Family analyst Jeff Johnston’s 2015 warning to LifeSiteNews that “we’ll only see more and more of this,” because children’s television “is a reflection of what’s already in our culture.”

As long as Freiburger brings it up, here is another goodie from Mr. Johnston:

As the debate continues within the mental health field over the degree to which sexual orientation change from homosexual to heterosexual is possible, here are some resources which point to the scriptural truth that nothing is beyond the redeeming and transformative power of Christ Jesus — including the seemingly impossible task of overcoming same-sex attraction and temptation.

Numerous articles from psychology and psychiatry over the years have shown that some people leave homosexuality. Articles from a wide variety of sciences show that “being gay” is not inborn, genetic or immutable. People experience change in many areas, including behavior, identity, motivation, attractions, lifestyle, spirituality and relationships.

There is no debate in professional circles. One more time for the logic impaired: There does not exist research published to a respectable academic journal, that submits articles to peer review, substantiating the religious theory that sexual orientation is not immutable or can be changed. Not through Christ Jesus, not through counseling, not through any alchemy known to medical science.

Freiburger concludes with a plea to contact Cartoon Network via a Canadian Link which is actually Shaw Communications. Cartoon Network is owned by Turner Communications in Georgia which is a subsidiary of AT&T. So good luck with that Cal.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.