Brianna Heldt
The smirking Brianna Heldt is a science denier

According to Brianna Heldt writing for, young people with gender dysphoria should not transition due to the high suicide rate. It is potentially deadly advice. According to Townhall, “Brianna Heldt is a Catholic writer and blogger. She is a regular contributor at National Catholic Register …”

Heldt’s piece is titled: Study Shows High Suicide Attempt Rate for Transgender Teens. She relies on a CNN piece which includes a bad link to the actual study. CNN does not include the study’s conclusion and neither does Ms. Heldt. It reads:

CONCLUSIONS: Suicide prevention efforts can be enhanced by attending to variability within transgender populations, particularly the heightened risk for female to male and nonbinary transgender adolescents.

The Catholic Church promotes the mythology that people with gender dysphoria are “confused” and that the condition is caused by underlying psychological trauma. The confused people can be cured through talk therapy. Of course none of this is supported by research or medical professionals. It is religious nonsense.

Heldt writes:

Concern over the deteriorating mental state of teens identifying as transgender, and the role that progressive transgender ideology plays in affirming this phenomenon, continues to grow.

Being transgender is neither a doctrine nor a philosophy. It is certainly not an “ideology.” Ideology accurately describes the catechism of the Catholic Church. That explains why it is Ms. Heldt who is profoundly “confused.”

Transitioning is the way that people with gender dysphoria obtain relief from depression and anxiety. Most transgender people feel inextricably compelled to transition. Kids who are not permitted to transition are at a higher risk of suicide.

The requisite reference:

Ryan T. Anderson, a William E. Simon senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation and founder and editor of Public Discourse, released his controversial yet important book earlier this year titled When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment. Dr. Anderson notes that while “80 to 95 percent of children with gender dysphoria will come to identify with and embrace their bodily sex”, men and women who’ve undergone transition surgery are a staggering 19 times more likely to die by suicide.

“These statistics should stop us in our tracks,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s doctorate is in philosophy — not medicine or psychology. A large percentage of children with gender dysphoria do, in fact, grow out of it. That should not inform parents how to care for their children.

A child demonstrating these symptoms needs to be evaluated by a behavioral health professional who specializes in this area. According to the same study, questioning adolescents have a 27.9% suicide rate so this is a very serious matter.

Anderson is a professional Catholic. He is not qualified to advise people with a psychological condition.

The statistics Anderson cites are meaningless. Once children transition they almost never desist. That does not mean that kids should not be allowed to transition. Preventing those kids from transitioning will only make matters worse. The transition reflects the severity of the condition.

Heldt and Anderson do not accept the construct of gender (which is a scientific fact):

“For human beings to flourish,” he went on, “they need to feel comfortable in their own bodies, readily identify with their sex, and believe that they are who they actually are.”

Transgender people face rejection, derision and discrimination on a daily basis. They are marginalized and stigmatized. People like Brianna Heldt and Ryan T. Anderson promote a religious ideology that contributes to the pressures that plague transgender people.

So yes, transgender people have higher rates of suicide. One way to address this is with societal acceptance replacing dogmatic rejection. Heldt and Anderson are oblivious to the damage that they do. The catechism is more important to them than kids killing themselves.

The very purpose of Heldt’s post and Anderson’t book is to support the catechism. I think that their behavior is disgraceful. They are just as deadly as the cranks who offer crackpot cancer cures.

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By David Cary Hart

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