“Demonic forces” drive homosexual desires which are contagious.

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Horses are gelded to make them more manageable. The Catholic Church has a similar objective when it comes to gay men. One of the gelded is Douglas Mainwaring. His latest post it titled: Former gay man: Christ’s cross has power to purge Church of homosexual corruption. I couldn’t care less about the plight of the Church. However, Mainwaring’s statements about gay people — which he knows to be false — are a source of concern.

Homosexuality is not contagious, something that is perfectly obvious to rational people. Bigotry, on the other hand, passes from person to person. Bigotry is fueled with misinformation and the fact that the source of misinformation is a gay man defines that individual’s character and integrity. Are there no better ways for Mainwaring to make a living? Can he not earn money without doing harm to others, particularly children?

Our discussions about homosexuality have camouflaged the truth

When it comes to discussions about the origins of same-sex attraction in people’s lives, only two possibilities are considered: Homosexuals are either ‘born that way,’ or we are that way because of some anomaly in our upbringing.

The now firmly ensconced LGBT establishment has settled on ‘born that way’ because it allows gay activists to argue for constitutional protections based on an immutable characteristic, albeit a contrived one. It also allows homosexuals to endlessly portray themselves as victims.

Mainwaring is blaming his parents for the fact that he is gay. He has been gay his entire life and he is still gay. The scientific truth about sexual orientation has no agenda and is not intended to offer arguments for anything. Scientific truths are based on evidence. If gay people are victimized it is usually at the hands of religious zealots who seek to conform scripture to science. We portray ourselves as victims only when we are victimized. The same cannot be said of Mr. Mainwaring who constantly asserts that he, the Church or Christianity have been victimized by LGBT people.

“Born that way” is really just shorthand. The scientific truth is that sexual orientation is usually developed by the age of two. Sexual orientation is formed by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. “Environmental” means everything that is not genetic.

There is no evidence that upbringing has any effect on sexual orientation. There is also no evidence that sexual orientation can be influenced, either to make gay people straight or straight people gay. There is a veritable mountain of peer-reviewed research demonstrating that sexual orientation is a natural expression of human sexuality which is involuntary and highly resistant to change.

The harm caused by the mythology expressed by Mainwaring has many facets. If this silliness is believed then the parents of gay people accumulate guilt for making their kids gay. If upbringing can create a gay child then there is the corollary (and equally absurd) belief that parents can do things to prevent raising gay people. Aside from the fact that such beliefs create bigotry they are likely to make children (particularly gay children) extremely neurotic. It affects the entire family and often results in children being dishonest about their sexuality.

Kids want to please their parents. It is incumbent upon parents to be pleased by the absolute truth of who their children are.

These are tactics, not truths, though they ‘feel’ like truth because they’ve been repeated ad infinitum. Most young people today have never even heard an opposing point of view and so both memes — “born that way” and victimhood — are broadly accepted as fact. Questioning either is antisocial, if not criminal.

No Mr. Mainwaring. You are being dishonest. The catechism is not science. It is based on faith in contrast to evidence. The scientific evidence-based facts are those that I stated above: Sexual orientation is a natural expression of human sexuality. Gay people did not choose to be gay and sexual orientation is extremely resistant to change.

Mr. Mainwaring should consider the fact that he is undermining religion as a protected class. It is clearly a choice. It is without a physiological basis and it can be influenced by others (consider the many thousands of converts).

Occam’s Razor (the simplest explanation is usually the correct explanation):

  • Gay people wanted equal rights so they created a conspiracy with leading researchers at some of our post prestigious universities along with all of the mainstream professional peer organizations to invent the idea of immutability which required the fabrication of evidence and then promoted  intellectually dishonest conclusions which are  based on political correctness rather than the (fabricated) evidence.


  • Based on peer-reviewed research, the overwhelming consensus among scientists is that sexual orientation is involuntary and immutable.

Which of those explanations is most likely to be correct?

You are going to love this part:

The big picture
To weed out the distraction, one has to step back and zoom out in order to refocus on the big picture. Ask:

  • What if there are demonic forces driving homosexual desire?
  • What if these forces are behind life-deforming ‘gay’ identity contagion?
  • Behind the ‘trans’ identity contagion?
  • Behind the undoing of the immutable definition of marriage?
  • Behind the scandalous homosexual degeneracy and sin infesting the Catholic priesthood?

What if there are demonic forces driving Mainwaring’s dishonesty? Most grownups are not inclined to blame demons for things that they do not like. Aside from Mainwaring’s infantile obsession with supernatural beings, the abusive priest scandals have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Must pederasts and pedophiles are heterosexual married men. Perhaps Mr. Mainwaring is attracted to young boys and he is projecting.

Satan has been scoring one coup after another over the last half-century via the sexual revolution, and perhaps his greatest stealth weapon in our present age is homo-sexuality.

Satan has taken same-sex attraction and fashioned it into a weapon of mass destruction against the Church. We may not hear explosions, but we see the carnage. The problem is that we have grown accustomed to the carnage and accepted it as ordinary, never questioning its actual source.

Now it is the devil with the evil agenda. Sure. It’s all part of the massive competition of good vs. evil.

The Catholic Church is responsible for great works of art and some magnificent architecture. Perhaps 90% of the music that I am passionate about was influenced by the Catholic Church. For those things I am grateful. For marginalizing other religions and now LGBT people I have nothing but contempt.

The purpose of religion is to provide a path to an afterlife. Perhaps there is more to it. Before we knew very much about the natural world, the supernatural provided explanations for things that were not understood; things that could not be understood.

We understand a great deal about human sexuality because human beings are naturally curious. We do research. We experiment and then publish the findings. The findings of some research are ultimately replaced because of improved methodology and other scientific advances. For example, an MRI “sees” things that X-rays could not. An electron microscope allows exploration that could not be achieved with optical devices.

Much research prevails over many years and even centuries. From Galileo to Newton to Darwin some discoveries remain scientific truths.

The science regarding human sexuality is settled and it is unlikely to change. Furthermore there is a paucity of competing science. Consider, for example, Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, a prominent professor of sociology at Stanford University, regarding the welfare of children raised by gay couples:

“Research…has developed a scholarly consensus that shows that children raised by same-sex couples are at no important disadvantage.” He went on to say, “There is a noisy fringe of academics who claim that children raised by same-sex couples are in disastrous peril,” a view that “has little or no credibility within academia.”

That is what settled science looks like. That is also what crackpots look like. There are no real controversies and if gay people were disordered, as the Church claims, then the mostly straight kids raised by gay couples would be damaged. Perhaps that is why the Church is so fearful of the acceptance of same-sex adoption. It offers a means of proving that at least some Catholic teachings are wrong.

It is unreasonable to expect the teachings of the Catholic Church to change. It took a couple hundred years to accept Copernicus. However, it is reasonable to expect a gay man, like Douglas Mainwaring, not to contribute to his own marginalization by promoting odious baloney that has the potential to do real harm. It seems perfectly reasonable that Mainwaring should take a look in the mirror and decide who he really is.

If the Church ever does change it will be because LGBT people stood up and said: “I am gay (or transgender) and I am a faithful adherent.” Mainwaring has missed the opportunity. Until he shows some backbone and some intellect I will regard him as a castrated dumb animal.

There are people who agree with Mainwaring who are also raising gay or gender nonconforming children. Those toxic parents might be inflicting lifelong harm on those kids. The adult parents were infected by something as pernicious as a dangerous virus: Ignorance. It should not be.

Mainwaring is an egotistical pessimist. He insists that our society is in deep decline and that religion is needed to reverse the trend. How convenient. He claims that we have been mortally wounded by marriage equality and the growing acceptance of LGBT people. None of this is very original and we need not wonder why Mainwaring attaches an agenda to everything that he does not agree with.

The truth is that we are a fairer and more diverse society. We might even have a transgender governor in Vermont next year. If she succeeds in getting elected she will hopefully be judged based upon the job she does rather than her sexuality. Mainwaring, I suspect, will have a pronoun problem.

No one would suggest that Mainwaring should not be a faithful Catholic. Unlike sexual orientation, religion is his choice. I suspect that there are other things in the teachings of the Church that Mainwaring does not agree with. Many conservative Catholics lately seem to be airing a view that departs from papal primacy. Religion does not bar us from seeing, hearing and thinking. At least it should not.

It is very important to Mainwaring to demonstrate his complete disapproval of gay people, including himself. Who is he trying to convince? It is similar to the closeted gay man who goes out of his way to demonstrate his contempt for gay people as a self-defense mechanism.

The need to express disapproval is predicated on the idea that people influence others to be gay. We are back to contagion theory with no evidence whatsoever and no support among scientists and medical professionals.

Mainwaring’s post is quite lengthy. I choose to limit the amount of time I spend on irrational drivel.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.