“Whatever integrity Brian S. Brown might have ever had has vanished.”

Image from Brian S. Brown’s email

National Organization for Marriage’s president, Brian S. Brown, assumes that his donors are suckers. Why else would he send out an email to supporters asking them to send in money to help Brett Kavanaugh get confirmed to the Supreme Court? Better yet, what specifically does NOM propose to do with donated funds to help Kavanaugh’s confirmation?

Mr. Brown seems to believe that allegations of improper sexual conduct against Kavanaugh are part of a Democratic conspiracy to keep him off the bench. In the email, which is titled; They are relentless:

As expected, Democrats have dived further into the swamp in their desperate attempt to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the US Supreme Court. They have dredged up another so-called victim who claims – despite being crazy drunk at a party – that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her as a freshman student at Yale.

I doubt that this had anything to do with Democrats and more allegations could easily surface, particularly after Thursday’s hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee. Michael Avenatti claims that a third woman is about to come forward.

Let us us go back to the first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. What she alleges goes well beyond drunken sexual assault. Kavanaugh had the presence of mind to cover her mouth in order to stifle the squeals and he turned up the volume on the music. It is all very creepy, not to mention felonious.

There are two possibilities: Dr. Ford is telling the truth or Dr. Ford is lying.

As much as I do not think that Kavanaugh is at all qualified for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court I will reserve judgment on Dr. Ford’s allegations until I see her testify as well as to hear Kavanaugh’s response. If Ford is telling the truth this cannot be dismissed as boys-being-boys many years ago. The incident is too serious and at this point Kavanaugh has lied about it.

The smart thing for Brown to do would be to also reserve judgment. Then again, numerous Republicans — notably Mitch McConnell — have already assumed that Dr. Ford is lying, mistaken or that the incident is too old to be taken seriously. Why should Brown have any more sense than the Senate majority leader?

The meme that Republicans and some religious conservatives are floating is that Democrats are desperate to keep Kavanaugh off the Court. It is actually the other way around. Those conservatives are desperate to get Kavanaugh confirmed before November’s midterm elections.

Mr. Brown is always verbose. Among the ruins of mindless fundraising is this:

Kavanaugh’s likely confirmation was so solid, in fact, that Democrats felt they had no choice but to dredge up uncorroborated (and strongly denied) allegations from over three decades ago. Both of his accusers are ardent anti-Trump activists. Both have hired highly-partisan Democratic operatives as their lawyers. Both have pointed to people who they said could corroborate the charges, only to have those same people deny they ever occurred. In the case of this latest accuser, she acknowledges that she was nearly passed out drunk at the college party in question and initially told the New Yorker, which broke the story, that she could not verify that the person who exposed himself at the party was indeed Brett Kavanaugh. But she was encouraged to consult her partisan Democratic lawyer to refresh her recollections and, miraculously, after six days of “consultation,” her memory returned and she was sure that she was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh.

Dr. Ford is a registered Democrat but not an anti-Trump activist. To quote Fox News: She is also among the thousands of medical professionals who signed onto a Physicians for Human Rights letter in June decrying the practice of separating children from their parents at the border and urging the Trump administration to stop it.

Brown fails to mention (as Fox News also points out) that Ford took a polygraph test administered by a former FBI agent. According to the results shared with The Washington Post, the test concluded that Ford was being honest.

I do not think that the alleged political views of the attorneys involved in this are at all relevant.

Debra Katz, Dr. Ford’s lawyer, is a well known “super-lawyer” who specializes in civil rights. Katz is one of those people responsible for numerous “oh shit” moments when a company’s lawyer finds out that she is representing a terminated or harassed employee.

The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, is in fact more problematic in that she admitted to being very drunk at the time that she says Kavanaugh exposed himself. On the other hand were she lying she would not have admitted to her own drunkenness. Ramirez, by the way, is a devout Catholic.

 Ramirez wants the FBI to investigate and that sounds perfectly reasonable. The only reason that the FBI is not investigating is because GOPers fear that Ford and Ramirez will be found truthful. The United States Senate has become corrupt and dysfunctional under GOP control.

Kavanaugh is probably not the victim of some orchestrated conspiracy to tarnish his reputation. Whatever integrity Brian S. Brown might have ever had has vanished.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.