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I aggregate RSS feeds from the religious right. From the application I did a search on “Kavanaugh” and then opened the 20 21 (I intended to open 20) most recent posts from today in my browser. It is really eye-opening. From these folks who are obsessed with sanctimony there is not a single expression of concern about Kavanaugh. Reading through these, every article assumes that Kavanaugh’s accusers are dishonest.

It is an adventure in hypocrisy. All of these sites routinely expresses bigotry towards LGBT people. We are evil yet there is not an iota of concern that Kavanaugh might be an alcoholic who is guilty of sexual assault. We did not choose to be LGBT. Kavanaugh, it seems, made choices for his behavior.

If the accusers are telling the truth then someone so thoroughly immoral is presumed to be acceptable because he is sufficiently anti-LGBT, anti-choice and pro-Trump. It is a version of: Under the Third Reich the trains ran on time. Keep in mind that, in addition to the accusers, there is evidence in the form of yearbooks and other things.

The presumptive arbiters of morality, it turns out, are greedy, self-centered, self-righteous, unprincipled and amoral. As sexual minorities we have known this all along. Perhaps more Americans are now figuring it out.

By the way, all of this would have disappeared if Kavanaugh had simply acknowledged his bad behavior as a teen and expressed some remorse.

At this point Kavanaugh’s behavior cannot be dismissed as bad judgment when he was young because, if the accusers are truthful and if the evidence is representative, then Brett Kavanaugh is also a liar.

As a teen I was at a boarding school. Like most teens I did many things that were stupid but I never raped anyone. Nor did I consume alcohol (grounds for immediate expulsion). I got caught smoking a few times (threatened with expulsion). I was even off campus a few times when I should have been in my room. I was perpetually horny. Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior is well beyond boys will be boys.

Here are the 21 (The Federalist is the clear winner):

  1. Federalist: The New York Times Stealth-Edited The First Draft Of History On Brett Kavanaugh
  2. LifeZette: Third Kavanaugh Accuser Identified as Pile-On Continues
  3. AIM: Gillibrand Accuses Fox News of ‘Trying to Confuse People’ About Kavanaugh
  4. Heritage: Why the Kavanaugh Process Became a Mad Political Circus
  5. Federalist: Defending Brett Kavanaugh Isn’t An Attack On Women
  6. Charisma: Open Vision: 30-Foot Tall Spirit Opposing Judge Kavanaugh
  7. Federalist: The Kavanaugh Battle Is The Culmination Of Unanswered Leftist Kulturkampf
  8. Federalist: These Emails Show Kavanaugh Accuser’s Attorney Lied To Anderson Cooper About Senate Republicans’ ‘Game-Playing’
  9. Charisma: Politics Is Not the Gospel, But the Elections Sure Do Matter
  10. CBN: ‘Scorched Earth Tactics,’ Death Threats, Drugged Victims: Effort to Crush Kavanaugh Nears Grand Finale
  11. Federalist: Why It Would Be Better For Christine Blasey Ford If She Skips Thursday’s Hearing
  12. Heritage: If Kavanaugh Nomination Fails, No Conservative Supreme Court Justice ‘in Our Lifetime,’ Says Gingrich
  13. Catholic Thing: Women Beware Women
  14. Federalist: The Left Is Using Brett Kavanaugh As A Scapegoat For Sex Scandals They’ve Indulged
  15. Charisma: Beth Moore: #WhyIDidntReport
  16. LifeZette: Kavanaugh Lawyer Accuses CNN’s Berman of Trying to ‘Malign’ His Character
  17. Heritage: Arizona Democrats, Defense Attorneys Heap Praise on Senate’s Chosen Prosecutor to Question Kavanaugh, Ford
  18. Charisma: Dutch Sheets Issues Urgent Intercession Alert as ‘Extraordinary’ Spiritual Warfare Rages
  19. Washington Times: How Hollywood hypocrites, Never Trumpers use Kavanaugh as a stand-in for all perpetrators
  20. Washington Times: Egregious stories abound, so it’s just a matter of picking the time to reveal them
  21. LifeSiteNews: Kavanaugh hearings prove McCarthyism is alive and well in US Senate

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.