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American Renewal Project (an affiliate of anti-LGBT hate group American Family Association) has announced that Eric Metaxas will be the keynote speaker at events this month in Fresno and Riverside, California. The intent of these events is to encourage and train pastors to run for public office in order to effect a conservative Christian theocracy on America.

Metaxas cultivates the image of an urbane intellectual sophisticate. He hosts Socrates in the City: Conversations on the Examined Life in Manhattan. There is nothing urbane, intellectual or sophisticated about these American Renewal events or the dominion theology on which they are based. These are the purest expressions of Christian Supremacy.

American Renewal Project is run by David Lane, a shadowy Republican operative and ultra-conservative Christian who lives in California. Funding for the organization is equally opaque. In this 2015 example, Lane, Texas fracking billionaire Dan Wilks and American Family Association engaged in a conspiracy to commit tax fraud (Wilks’ foundation is prohibited from donating money to political campaigns).

Joining Metaxas at these events:

  • A “special message” from Newt Gingrich.
  • Ken Graves, a dominionist pastor from Maine. Graves is a Republican activist who frequently appears at these events.
  • Jack Hibbs, a California pastor. Hibbs was a Proposition 8 activist. When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in 2015 Hibbs sermonized: “It is going to be like it was in the days of Lot: violent homosexuals knocking on doors threatening to sodomize people who disagree with them.” I wonder if any of us have knocked on Jack’s door in the past three years.
  • John Cox, Republican candidate for governor of California. Cox once said that gay rights “open the floodgates to polygamy and bestiality and all kinds of other things.” Cox’ campaign has been, well … a misadventure.
  • Rob McCoy, a California pastor. McCoy is another Republican operative known for his ultra-conservative Christianity. McCoy is on the city council of Thousand Oaks, CA. McCoy wants to ban abortion and same-sex marriage (so what else is new?). He has said that political speech should only be permissible from the pulpit.
  • E.W. Jackson, politician and Virginia pastor. In short he claims that gay people are ill and that yoga is satanic. Brian Tashman summarized: “Homosexuality Is ‘Poison,’ Democrats Are Slave Masters & Obama Is a Secret Muslim.”

The company you keep Eric. The company you keep. After the midterms I intend to re-submit a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service regarding those 2015 financial transactions. This time through my congressional delegation which will hopefully be Rep. Donna Shalala and Sen. Bill Nelson who is starting to creep ahead of Rick Scott.

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