While auditioning for Jeff Sessions’ job, Lindsey Graham has several dramatic hissy fits in support of Brett Kavanaugh

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I cannot determine the pretext du jour for Brian S. Brown’s latest money-beg on behalf of the anti-LGBT National Organization for Marriage. Brown usually, and shamelessly, comes up with some nonsensical reason for people to send him some money which isn’t even tax deductible.

The title of Tuesday’s plea is: being anti-gay is now… okay? No homophobia is unacceptable in polite society which is why Brown is not acceptable in polite society. Religion does not excuse bigotry,

According to Brown’s dialing for dollars diatribe (and I am skipping past all of the Kavanaugh victimization BS):

To get even with Graham for his principled defense of Kavanaugh, the leftist “comedy” program Saturday Night Live lampooned Graham, calling him a “queen,” implying that the South Carolina bachelor Senator is gay.

They meant this as an insult, something designed to damage him in the court of public opinion. Now get this:

The nation’s leading pro-gay group, the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign (HRC), said…nothing.

So being anti-gay is now OK, provided the attack comes from the left. If it were to come from a group on the right, there would be calls for national boycotts, investigations, protests and legal repercussions.

The rumor over Lindsey Graham’s sexuality has been around for many years. Brown doesn’t get that Graham’s sexual orientation is not being ridiculed. What is being subjected to satire is a gay man (if in fact he is gay) participating in the Republican Party’s vast array of anti-LGBT activities. As HRC notes: “Lindsey Graham has been a consistent opponent of everything from marriage equality to protecting LGBT workers from employment discrimination.”

The difference between the right and the left is not as Brown depicts. The right (including Brian S. Brown) are wed to the notion that sexual orientation is a choice; one that can be “cured” with therapy and prayer. If not Brown would contend that gay people have a duty to be celibate.

Thus, when invective comes from people who are profoundly ignorant it is received differently than similar comments made by people who accept medical science and who believe that gay people deserve the same opportunities in life and the workplace as anyone else.

Now get this: HRC is not required to comment on satire. Brown is just jealous that the Human Rights Campaign is a far more effective advocacy organization.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.