“…the abuse of children by Catholic priests is not related to homosexuality”

Linda Harvey
Hate group leader Linda Harvey of Mission: America

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Tuesday, Linda Harvey writes: ‘LGBTQ’ Activists at ‘Devoted’ Youth Pastor Conference. I am writing about Harvey today because she is claiming that gay men are predisposed to be pedophiles or pedarists.

I prefer not to write about Linda P. Harvey because she is part of the lunatic fringe. Harvey is a bigot who runs a very small hate group called Mission: America. It is not federally tax-exempt. Donations are not tax deductible. According to the Ohio secretary of state it is located at 3770 Kloka Ave, Columbus, OH 43220.

Harvey writes:

The priest or evangelical minister who claims an “LGBTQ” identity, but pledges to remain celibate, cannot be trusted to do so.

Can I repeat that? We cannot trust them. Such foolish tolerance should never be the policy in evangelical churches, and as we can now see, clinging to such identities should never have been allowed in the Catholic church.

In point of fact, the safest babysitter in the world is an openly gay man or woman. The research in that regard has gone unchallenged for 24 years.

The fact that Catholic priests mostly abused boys only confirms that boys were the most abundant targets of opportunity. According to the science pedophilia and pederasty do not inform us of the sexual orientation of the predators.

Dr. Thomas G. Plante is the Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J. professor of psychology at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit Institution. In his book, Mental Disorders of the New Millennium, Dr. Plante writes:

Although the majority of clergy abuse victims are males, homosexuality cannot be blamed. First, many of the pedophile priests report that they are not homosexual. This is also true of many non-clergy sex offenders who victimize boys. Many report that they target boys for a variety of reasons that include easier access to boys …

Later on, Harvey continues her tirade:

Blessing “LGBTQ” identities for pastors, congregants and now, minor children, is a recipe for disaster.

So why is nominally evangelical Cincinnati Crossroads Church hosting a conference for youth pastors promoting “LGBTQ” behaviors, featuring one presenter affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign?

Maybe because HRC provides the most accurate facts available about sexual orientation and gender identity.

One more passage and then I am done with this woman:

The Human Rights Campaign proudly hates biblical Christians and has targeted many of us with vicious slander campaigns.

HRC also sponsors a grade-school curriculum, “Welcoming Schools,” to promote gender confusion/ homosexuality to little kids.

Generally speaking, “slander” is spoken defamation. Defamation ordinarily occurs because someone advances untruths about another person or organization. Harvey does not identify what those falsehoods are. However, when it comes to advancing untruths she is quite proficient:

“Gender confusion” is church-speak to make gender dysphoria appear to be resolvable through therapy. There is no intervention known to medical science to reverse gender dysphoria. It is Ms. Harvey who is confused.

Gender confusion is a close cousin of “same-sex attraction” which likens sexual orientation to a bad habit that can be cured through prayer and conversion therapy. That, in turn, relates to the idea of “promoting” some form of sexuality that conservative Christians disapprove of.

If conversion therapy can turn gay people straight then promoting homosexuality or gender identity can turn straight people gay or cisgender people transgender. Neither of those things are possible and there is no research to support either proposition. By research I mean articles published to a respected academic journal with rigorous peer review. Those are the papers written by people the religious set call “elites,”

Harvey is also claiming that LGBT people pose a threat to “little kids.” It is her bigotry that threatens children. It marginalizes sexual minorities while making the rest of the children complicit — and ignorant.

As I said, Linda Harvey is part of the lunatic fringe. I just wanted another opportunity to document the fact that the abuse of children by Catholic priests is not related to homosexuality.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.