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Grant Berry

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Tuesday, Grant Berry informs us: Prophetic Intercessor Sounds Romans 911 Alarm. Superb! Berry, by the way is referring to himself as the intercessor. The title of his post is the title of his book. I am certain that it is a page-turner.

On September 15, FEMA announced: “The National EAS and WEA test will be held on the backup date of October 3, 2018, beginning at 2:18 p.m. EDT.” At 2:18 it seems that everyone with a cell phone did receive a test of the presidential alert system. No, Mr. Trump. This is not like Twitter.

According to Mr. Berry:

This is what Sarah Ballanger, prophetic intercessor, wrote about it:

The 218 call. A nationwide ALERT! 2:18pm – 10/3/18

A 911 Emergency!

A call for ALL to fall to their knees, repent and worship HIM! Call the Nation back to our Judeo/Christian roots. This is a WAR for the destiny of our nation.

Mr. Berry is notable for his profoundly annoying website and the sounds one must endure when connecting to it. Berry seems to be a petty grifter, using a nonprofit to sell his books for which he receives royalties. Would you believe that Grant Berry’s wife is named Hali? It’s true and if you believe that’s a coincidence I have a host of goodies to sell to you at a very modest markup to fund my ministry.

As for Ms. Ballanger, I cannot find anything via Google.

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