James W. Goll
Dr. James W. Goll is a clever little grifter

James W. Goll is the head of Encounters Network, a Ministry to the Nations which does business as God Encounters Ministries. Based in Franklin, TN the nonprofit reported income of $462 thousand for the year ended June 30, 2017. Goll also has a tiny nonprofit called A Wing & a Prayer.

The purpose of Encounters seems to be to sell Goll’s books (including The Lifestyle of a Prophet) for which he, personally, receives royalties. In other words, at least the appearance is that the tax-deducted contributions (which we all subsidize) are used to promote and market a for-profit enterprise. The tax return has a number of errors making it impossible to sort out.

Apparently, by the way, no one at the IRS bothered to question how a nonprofit of this size had accounting expenses of $66 thousand. After I click on “Publish” I will send off a few questions for the Service.

Goll has a lengthy post today titled: Prophecy: God Told Me Kennedy Would Resign, Trump Would Assign 3 Judges. I don’t know any rational, reasonably intelligent people who claim to have chatted with God. Around the time of my bar mitzvah I was pretty devout. I did not hear so much as a whisper. To which Goll would probably say that is because I am an apostate. Goll goes on to write:

On June 27, 2018, I was awakened at 2:22 a.m. from a clear dream followed by a Word from the Lord. In the dream, Judge Anthony Kennedy’s face came before me and it was revealed to me that his resignation was imminent. As I was aroused from sleep, I could feel the tangible presence of destiny filling my bedroom. The external voice of the Holy Spirit then began to speak to me. I was told that President Trump would preside over the replacement of three Supreme Court Justices.

Justice Kennedy did resign about 12 hours after Goll’s supposed dream. It’s a miracle! Goll is a clever little grifter. The people who send in money are superstitious fools. Goll’s bio says that he is also an instructor at Christian Leadership University which claims to be accredited by Christian Accreditation International which, of course, is not an Education Dept. recognized accrediting agency. Everything Goll touches screams “scam!” Goll sports a “Dr.” honorific. What are the odds that his degree is BS too?

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By David Cary Hart

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