I am less interested in David Hoffman than the toxic belief system he exposes.

David Hoffman
David Hoffman, “Spirit-Filled Evangelist” in Tuscon

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Referring to himself on Wednesday, David Hoffman writes: Spirit-Filled Evangelist: How to Share the Undiluted Gospel With an LGBT Person. I am sure that Hoffman is quite sincere in his beliefs but he needs to augment them with some facts.

I had to do some work with my database to track down Hoffman’s little 501(c)3 which he would like you to believe is massive. While he promotes Kingdom Enterprises, the IRS has it as Kingdom Enterprise (singular). It files annual reports by e-postcard (revenues less than $50K) and its ruling as a nonprofit was in May, 2016.

Hoffman seems to want to convey a different scale.

I run an outreach and evangelism ministry where I, and those who work with me, do a large amount of street ministry and evangelistic outreaches. I have ministered to more LGBT people than the “average” Christian.

Hoffman might be talking to LGBT people but he sure as hell isn’t listening. Among the other gems is this:

It is important to understand that many people who are LGBT have automatic defenses up against Christians. Some of this is because they may have come across harshly condemning Christians throughout their lives. It can also be because they have a root of rebellion against God and heavy demonic bondage.

What was that about “harshly condemning Christians” while trying to appear as the opposite? I think he just called us demonically possessed. The shaming has just begun.

The first question I will ask the person I am sharing with is how long they have identified themselves the way they currently do. It is an important question to understand where they are coming from. Is it a recent decision?

Sexuality is not a “decision.” How can you speak with people from a position of authority when you are ignorant?

From there, I will ask him or her if there have been any events in their life that were very wounding. Sometimes they will share that they experienced sexual abuse as a child;

That is where the conversation would come to a conclusion for me. That is after I tell Mr. Hoffman what a schmuck he is. Many conservative Christians believe that most gay people are gay because or childhood sexual abuse. Gay kids are abused at a slightly higher rate than heterosexual children. The scientific consensus is that this is because their abusers sense, and then take advantage of, their sexuality.

Turns out that Mr. Hoffman is not only ignorant but profoundly arrogant. He does not include educational details in his bio but it is safe to presume that he is not a medical professional. This “wounded” BS is at the heart of “reparative,” better known as conversion, therapy (the wound caused damage which can be repaired). It is pseudoscientific mythology. Presuming that LGBT people are damaged is a very good way to piss them off simply because it is untrue. That any LGBT would continue this conversation is hard to believe.

Hoffman did not have to write the following to assure us that he is oblivious:

This is not always the case, but based on my many experiences, there is normally deep wounding in the lives of those who are LGBT. Surprisingly, they are also normally willing to share about it. They often don’t believe that the wounding led to their choice to adopt a different sexual identity, but nevertheless,…

It is common “knowledge” among conservative Christians that LGBT are damaged. Evangelical Baptists call it wounded. The Catholic Church calls gay people objectively disordered.

Any “wounds” that LGBT people suffer are at the hands of religious horses’ asses. Where does this guy get the experience or training to know why people are gay or transgender? It might shock Hoffman but the answers to that very complex question are not found in scripture.

With the wisdom of Moses:

Past wounding, however, does not give anyone a justifiable excuse before God for their sin. God in no way gives anyone a “free pass” for sin. Romans 1:20 is clear that all mankind is “without excuse.”

The above is nice to know. Hoffman’s polemic goes on at some length but you get the point. However, Hoffman is an easy target. The shame of his shaming is that he seems to be a young guy. Someone pumped this BS into his head. In effect, someone has made David Hoffman stupid. He is the one who is wounded.

Mr. Hoffman is also quite comfortable being untruthful (it’s okay if you are lying for God). Any LGBT person with a reasonably functional cerebral cortex would see through this guy in seconds. So while he wants to convey the impression of a large and successful endeavor, that seems highly unlikely. The tiny size of his nonprofit is the first clue.

I am not really interested in David Hoffman and his minuscule operation. However, he is useful in that he exposes a toxic belief system. This babble gets passed down and passed around. We have much work to do. Being LGBT is not contagious but idiocy is easy to spread, particularly to children.

One possible means of doing some of this work is through activism in favor of banning conversion therapy. Doing so engenders the kind of debate that gives people credible information from credible people. David Hoffman and his ilk are probably impenetrable but the people who listen to these blowhards just might be more open. At least I would like to think so.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.