For gay people, opposition to transgender oppression affirms our humanity. Gays should also be cognizant of the Martin Niemöller proposition (“First they came for…”). 

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon of American Family Association is particularly obsessed with transgender people.

According to American Family Association: Crazy transgender restroom question on Mass. ballots. The unhinged offering comes to us from one of their propagandists, Chris Woodward. Woodward is correct in one sense. It is crazy to attempt to strip Massachusetts law of transgender protections. Particularly so when you consider that the existing laws have not actually harmed anyone.

Perhaps it is religious zealotry that is crazy

American Family Association is an anti-LGBT hate group. They seem to provide confirmation of that designation on a daily basis. Now the group based in Mississippi is trying to export their animus to Massachusetts:

This November, voters in Massachusetts will be asked whether they want to repeal a 2016 law allowing a person to claim any gender, regardless of anatomy, and use the bathroom or locker room facility based on the claimed gender – even convicted sex offenders.

Be afraid

The intent of the above paragraph is to imply that male sex offenders will “claim” to be female in order to access women’s facilities for the purpose of sexually abusing them. In other words, people will claim to be transgender for nefarious purposes.

Some areas of the United States have accommodated transgender people for decades. AFA cannot support their scare mongering with any facts — even one example of someone who has impersonated a transgender woman to commit a crime. It just does not happen. It is baseless fear mongering.

More directly:

According to Keep MA Safe, the law puts women and children at risk of sexual predators who would take advantage of the problematic law.

On Tuesday, Keep MA Safe launched its third ad for the ‘No on 3’ campaign. Its video focuses on Amendment 9 of the Bathroom and Locker Room law, which “lets any man who claims to identify as a woman enter women-only spaces – including bathrooms and showers at the gym.”

Has that ever happened in Massachusetts? Boston has accommodated trans people since 2002! There is that “claimed” gender nonsense again. Gender is not something that someone claims to be. Gender is something that someone is.

An advertisement to bolster the BS:

The ad also describes the penalties for noncompliance with the law, stating that if a woman tries to speak up to protect herself, she “could face up to $50,000 in fines – or a year in jail.”

These sanctimonious moralists do not seem terribly concerned with the truth.

The 2016 law is actually an amendment to Massachusetts law, chapter 272, section 98. There is no $50,000 fine for anything and there is no fine for self-protection. According to Massachusetts law “inciting” discrimination is unlawful. The fine for doing so is $2,500.

Incitement is the encouragement of another person to commit a crime which is not what AFA or Keep MA Safe are implying. More importantly, no one is put in the position of having to protect themself from a trans person. It simply doesn’t happen.

A second ad:

The second ad for the “No on 3 campaign” features Gina, a Massachusetts mother of three who will be voting, “no” on ballot question 3 in November to protect her daughter and the safety of all women, children and vulnerable minorities in Massachusetts.

Gina needs to be better educated. The law has been on the books for about 2½ years. If there has been an incident, neither AFA nor Protect MA have managed to cite it. Gina has nothing to fear.

Back to the first ad:

The first ad for the “No on 3” campaign shows a young woman entering a bathroom and changing room where – unbeknownst to her – a sinister looking man is waiting and watching inside a bathroom stall. There is also a third ad.

Has that ever happened? They do not explain the third ad but this entire campaign has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting anyone. They know that is bullshit and they are knowingly promoting bullshit. The simple fact is that this is about Christian disapproval of transgender people.

The very existence of transgender folks threatens Christian doctrine according to these religious maniacs. They know that they cannot mount a successful campaign around religious dogma. Their only remaining lever is an attempt to frighten people in order to accomplish a religious objective. Self-righteous misrepresentation.

Bearing false witness doesn’t seem to apply when LGBT people are the objects of knowingly false propaganda.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.