Al Mohler
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Al Mohler thinks it is necessary for Christians to demonstrate their ignorance. According to one Kiley Crossland:

Transgender activists proclaimed Wednesday as the first International Pronoun Day, dedicated to the idea that “referring to people by the pronouns they determine for themselves is a basic human dignity.” More than 300 nonprofit organizations, government groups, businesses, colleges, and universities signed on to celebrate the so-called holiday.

Actually it is International Pronouns Day (plural) and since it is unclear, that was last Wednesday, October 17. Otherwise, Ms. Crossland is reasonably accurate.

But there is always a “but” from some blowhard:

But Christians should understand that, far from a neutral common courtesy, the pronouns we use demonstrate our understanding of creation and sex, said Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a WORLD News Group board member. “Christians thinking of Biblical terms need to … recognize that language reveals our moral understanding, our worldview,” Mohler said during his podcast The Briefing. “The use of ‘he’ and ‘she’ reflects the fact that we understand humans to be made male and female.” —K.C.

Obviously we need to educate people better. Gender, apart from natal sex, is not a theological issue. At least it shouldn’t be. The fact that Bronze Age chroniclers did not understand gender doesn’t mean that we should continue to be oblivious. More importantly, that is no excuse for being deliberately rude.

Mohler is a narcissist. The world revolves around his Christian beliefs and screw everyone else. He is also an obtuse pseudo-intellectual windbag consumed by biblical authority. We are all supposed to give allowances for Mohler’s personality disorder.

However, in polite society we treat others with dignity and respect even when they hold views different from ours. Moreover, in polite society we address people as they choose to be addressed. We are morally obliged to keep our prejudices to ourselves.

Politeness is defined as “behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.” Mohler is saying that religious beliefs require someone to be impolite to people who might not share those beliefs.

I misspoke giving the impression that gender is a belief system (which is what conservative Christians insist). Therefore, according to the mythology, gender is a choice. Honestly, would anyone be transgender if they could choose to have their gender be congruent with their natal sex like almost everyone else?

As far as I am concerned, the intentional use of incorrect pronouns does violence to transgender and gender nonconforming people. Mr. Mohler needs to grow the hell up. What he is really saying is that it is important for Christians to demonstrate their disapproval of a group of people he knows nothing about.

I am reminded that in the 16th through 18th centuries, it was common Christian belief that redheads were witches. Around 50,000 people were murdered because of the witch trials and countless others were horrifically tortured. Never mind that there is no such thing as a witch (although Michele Bachmann comes to mind).

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